Taylor's POV:

We, well I came out of the mall restrooms in the new outfit I had just bought. My mom had insisted in me putting it on for my birthday which I will admit I didn't feel any different whatsoever. We were in my mom's car already driving for the past three hours endlessly, no matter how much I ask, she still wont tell me where we are going.

“Mom, please. It's my birthday.” I whined as we drove past many many trees and about three cities. I think.

“I know it is and that is why I am doing this honey.” That was the famous response I would get every time I asked her, which I will admit was a lot.

“Mom can I ask you something ?”

“You already did.” She said with a slight chuckle so I took that as my opening to just go straight and ask her.

“Will you ever talk to dad ?” I asked her and in an instant regretted having the words escape my lips. I noticed her facial expression darken, and change to pain.

That was the last thing I wanted.

“I'm sorry just ignore the question.” I said looking down at my lap. I intertwined my fingers and tapped them against , my thigh.

“No honey, don't apologise. I will eventually talk to your father, I'm sorry you've had to be in the middle of all this. It's just slightly complicated.” Her eyes remained on the road but I noticed her hand on her belly, were there would be a baby soon bulging out of it.

“Can you sugar coated it for me at least? I mean how bad can it be, I just feel like it's all because of me.”

“Honey, it isn't. It's about something your dad did and he knew the consequences and he still did it anyway.” She said as her hold on the steering wheel tightened and never once did she remove her off the road until we came to a stop in a red light. She turned to me and gave me an apologetic look.

“I'm so sorry honey.” That's all she said as she kept driving once again.

“Sweetie I know you are hurting with the fact that me and your father aren't talking but... Look enough with the heavy talk, I will speak to you about this later on right now I have a birthday surprise for you.” I let out a sigh, and just took in my surroundings, we seemed to be heading to Lincoln park, (just made it up)

“Mom what are we doing here?” I asked her jut realizing how far away from home we really where.

“We'll you'll just have to wait and see.” She said with a beaming smile on her face, which for some odd reason really scared me.

We drove for about five more minutes, and came to a stop at the car park, I looked up the hill and saw two little kids playing and running around. I smiled as I remembered my little ones. My mom came around my door and opened it.

“Honey, Happy birthday!” She said I stared at her confused, I got out of the car and saw a little girl, running up to me yelling “Mommy Tay, Tay.” My eyes started to water at the sight of my little Melody running up to me, my knees gave up on me and I fell on the concrete floor just as melody ran into my arms. I hugged her tightly to me and just let the tears stream out of my eyes.

“Mommy Tay, why crying?” I looked at her and smiled brightly.

“Because I love you Mel, and missed you so dearly much.” I cried again into her and her little hands wrapped around my neck. I looked behind Melody to see Mila with Jovan in her arms, and oh my goodness if I said that in the past month this baby hadn't changed than I'd be lying. Mila put him down and whispered something in his ear and suddenly he started taking steps towards me. He was walking! I noticed the big smile that was planted on his face and the cute dimples he had on his cheeks just like his father. His hair curled slightly at the ends and in ways he was looking more like Andrey with a mixture of Alec in his hair and smile.

I hugged Jovan as he ran into my arms along with Melody. I squeezed them both and grabbed Jovan in my arms the top of his head, and grabbed Melody by the hand a I stood up from the ground. I turned to my mom who looked like was about to break down crying any moment now.

“Thank you.” Was all I whispered to her. I hugged Jovan tightly to my chest and looked down at Melody whom was pulling on my hand dragging me to the swing set at the top of the small hill.

“Tay, Tay I miss you.” She said looking up at me, I couldn't help but feel slightly bad because there was obvious sadness in her eyes.

“Oh sweetheart, remember I told you how Tay, Tay has been very busy with school and stuff. But she is here now and that is all that matters.” Said Mila walking slightly behind us a long side my mom. I walked to the swings with Melody and Jovan and I set him up on the baby swings. He was laughing and so was melody as Mila pushed her foward from behind her. I was actually smiling, and it felt really nice to be with my babies. I was too focused on laughing and smiling at Jovan to realize what was happening with Melody. Mila took her out of the swing, and put her down on the ground and she ran yelling “Daddy”. That stopped my heart rate, for at least half a second.

My whole body froze, and tears watered my eyes. That one night, the night that ruined everything was replaying over and over in my mind. I stopped swinging Jovan and his smile faded away from his little face. I tried holding the tears, but Melody's word's just made me break down completely.

“Daddy, Mommy Tay's here.” She said it so happily and enthusiastic. I let all the tears just come out and I ran. I heard his voice, the voice that has a powerful control over me, the voice that made me weak at my knees. He called for me but I ran, I kept running just feeling the air hitting my face hard, and making my hair go all over the place. I saw a building a few feet away from and noticed the restroom signs so I decided to just go there he wouldn't be able to go in the female's restroom.

I still heard his voice much closer, I wanted to just turn around and run into his arms and have him hold me as I cry, having his lips crashing into mine. Having him tell me he loves me, because in this whole time away I realized something and that is, I fell in love with Alec...

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