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Alec's POV:

Taylor! Was the only thing rolling through my head. Not my witch of an ex-wife, or rather wife. I felt a cold shiver run down my spine, just thinking about all this.

"Wow, it's too bad she let that pretty dress go to waist, I never though you'd go that low to get laid Alec. I remember how much of a gentleman you used to be." Came the sarcastic and the one voice I didn't want to hear. I was still standing in shock slightly but still looking at the direction of the door the gilr I love ran out through. My heart shattered as soon as I saw the tears forming in her eyes, and worstly when they fell right out of their sockets. At that moment I realised how much I loved Taylor!

This wasn't a crush or an I love you, I was deeply and extremely in love with Taylor Stewart, and I will get her back, I don't know what I'll do without her because as soon as she ran out, she took half of me with her...

I turned around and saw Avery sitting on Taylor's spot looking throught the menu, I will admit that it bothered me a lot. Just seeing her again the memories started coming back.

“Let's go, Now!” I was beyond pissed, anger was boiling through me.

“Where are we going?” Her voice was like acid through my body, I don't hate her I could never she gave me the two miracles tht I call my children. But I hate the fact that she's back my life was so much easier without her, and in a few months I would of been able to have been together with my angel.

“The hotel around the corner.” My voice came out harder and fiiercer than it should of been but I couldn't think straight at the momment.

“Wow, Alec moving on already?” He voice tried to come our seductive but to me it was pure disgust. I'm just dropping her off and tomorrow getting all this sorted after I speak to Taylor. I just have to, see her and fix all this.

“Avery just get in the fucking car and follow me, You casued all of this with your stupid lies and shit. Why the hell are you back? Why???” My chest was vibrating and my breath was raggered, I guess you can say Iw as beyond pissed. I stormed off the restaurant after trowing some cash on the table, the night cool air hit me in the face and sent a cold shiver down my back.

I heard thhe clikning of avery's heels agaisnt the pavement, I noticed a Lamborgini parked accross the from my car and my guess was that it was her's. I stormed to my car and slammed the door, not even caring if she was folowing me or not I sped off to the Marriot Hotel around the corner. I sped down the road not caring if any cop's saw me, or anything.

 I grabbed my cell phone and decided to call the one person whom my body was craving to hear, and be with tangled up in each others embrace. I wish she was here with me right now...

My heart shattered slightly when she didn't answer, any of my calls or even my text messages. I parked or rather swerved to the parking spot and got off my car as soon as I saw her park in the parking spot.

“So baby, what are you going to do with me?” I truned to her with a look of disgust, really rather not answer that question for her sake, no matter what she still brought me my two little miracles into my life. I just wish things where differently. I walked over to the desk that was by the front doors, there was a young lady sitting in the desk with a phone in her hands.

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