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Here's chapter 6 ;)

Andrey's POV ;)

I walked Taylor to her locker as i grabbed Pavel in my arms while she grabbed her books. I was mad, and he knew it too. God!!! He's freaking 24, he knows I've liked Taylor for a while, and I've been hoping for the day she finally likes me the same way I like her.

"Andrey are you guys alright?" asked Tay grabbing Pavel from my arms, who instantly started crying. I saw the way she rocked him in her arms, it reminded me of how she carried Jovan at home.

"Yeah, it's nothing we just got in an un agreement, this morning." I said and plastered a smile on my face. I looked at her, golden face and her long figure, god she was perfect and I needed to fight for her. I've known Taylor for years and I've also known that she looks at my brother in this weird certain way. It always annoyed me, because he could get any girl to fall on their knees for him and he could careless.

But I know he has a thing for Taylor, and I will not let it turn into more, if Tay found out that Alek likes her I'm sure shed faint. I will not let my brother have her, I know I will need to fight hard and dirty.

"Taylor, I was wondering if you would like to go out Friday night, like catch a movie and then a snack afterwards ?" I asked looking hopeful. I saw the change in her features and saw her move Pavel to her left side, while she put her bag on her right side.

"Umm, I'm sorry Andrey I promised Alek  I'd watch the kids." she said looking around, uncertain of her words. As soon as she mentioned Alek's name I became infuriated. That's what he was doing this morning getting to her before me, he was going to get it after school.

Taylor's POV

I saw Andrey's features turn mad, so I tried to look away not wanting to know my friend is mad and I think I knew why. I like Andrey but only as friends maybe even as a brother and nothing more. I shook my crying baby in my arms and looked at Andrey.

"Hey I'm gonna go to class so I can feed Pavel before the bell rings. I'll talk to you at lunch." I said walking away to the 200 hundred building, I had an odd feeling from the events happening today. First Alek is flirting with me that was a huge shocker, but being in love with him since forever I didn't mind his flirting at all. But I didn't want it to be a cause of brother fights or anything like that. What are the odds, why would a 24 year old man want to be with a 16 year old girl like me?

I walked in the building and was glad to see I wasn't the only "mother" in the hall. This kid Jonathan and a mother girl from class were carrying their baby in a stroller. That was funny to see. I walked into my English class room and I noticed I still had about ten minutes before the bell rang, and just in time Pavel started crying.

"Oh, I see you also have a baby Taylor." said Mr. Macfarlane, our English teacher he sat by his desk with a goofy smile bitting the right leg of his glasses as he glanced up at me.

"Yeah." I said setting my things down, and looking for his bottle.

"What it's  name?" he asked.

"It's a boy, his names Pavel." I said.

"Hmm, Pavel you know thats a name mainly common in Russia, with a Latin origin, the names meaning is small or little kinda like that baby. Which brings me to "Knight" a book well be reading in a few weeks, has to do with the Holocaust and the Russian army against Germans." he kept talking in the background while I sat there fed Pavel. I kinda wish I really had a child

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