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Wait, what???

I laughed at her reply and just started packing up my papers on my suit case, and walked out my office.

"Natasha I'm gonna be leaving a little earlier then usual, if any calls come in tell them to leave a message." I said punching out.

"What about the papers?"

"I'll be looking over them at home, and email you the report." I said and walked off the office and got on my car to go pick up my Taylor from school. I drove as fast as I could and headed towards her!

... Part 2....

Taylor's POV...

I was in class, getting scolded by my Philosophy teacher because Pavel just wouldn't calm down. His diaper was changed, he was fed and everything but still he kept crying! I was getting frustrated by the teacher and her stupid comments addressing me, and  Alec still hadn't replied to my text message. I shouldn't be worrying about it, but it seemed like he was up to something.

"You know class if you can't handle a child, then I'd suggest you don't have one! Children are a very big responsibility and it seems to show certain of you don't know that, or else there wouldn't be a crying child in our classroom." she said with an evil smirk in her face. Old hag!

I glare at her and tried to do everything could to calm Pavel down. I'm starting to think he is broken or something. I was so tired of her stupid comments, the girl sitting next to me Samantha, she was nice well sometimes, I heard a lot of rumors' about her going through school so I didn't really associate much with her. She whispered for me not to take it too seriously she's just always grumpy. But I couldn't it just bordered me so much!

I went to say a remark when the class phone rang, and Ms. Ross went over to answer it

"Yes... Will do.... Have a nice day."

She turned around and her glare met mines.

"Taylor, report to the main office seems you've been signed out." she said and a smile crept on my face, I was so glad to get out. I grabbed my bag and

Pavel and walked out of the room, towards the main office where I saw the office secretary looking just as depressed as every other day, and Alec sitting in one of the waiting chairs looking slightly nervous.

I felt my heart skip a beat knowing that he was here and I would skip the rest of the school day with him. He lifted his head and smiled once he saw me enter the office. He stood up and walked towards me taking my bag and Still a crying Pavel.

"Hey." I said as he took them from my arms. He flashed me that million dollar smile and I felt my knees buckle up.

"Hey beautiful." he said smiling at me.

My heart beat raced and I felt my cheeks suddenly go red. I noticed the silence that filled the room, after I gave Pavel to Alec.

"Unbelievable, that my supposable son only calm's down around you." I said giving him my bag. I saw him smirk slightly.

"He just likes his father." he said smirking. I blushed at his comment and heard a small chuckle coming from the front desk.

"You too are so cute together." said I think it was Ms. Peterson.

"Oh no, we ar-" I started to protest but Alec wrapped his arm around my waist and started talking.

"Yeah I know, she's the light of my day!" he said and kissed my cheek. I blushed a crimson red, while Ms. Peterson "awwwd" our little moment.

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