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Alec's POV:

There she was the girl that haunted me every day and night the one that made my heart beat faster and faster day and night. The minute I laid eyes on her my heart swelled up and for the first time in what has felt like forever, I smiled. I pushed her once again on the swing and just watched how her long ponytail would just sway with the wind, how her face was so calm and relaxed.

I have to admkit, I didn't think this plan was even going to work. I thought she wouldn't even want to see me considerig what I did to her, she's way too young to be going through all this pain, especially from her best friends brother. I was beweldered and beyond mad when I found out that my brother was the one that told to her dad about us. But it still didn't explain how Avery found out. My only answer to that question is that she probably hired a spy on us but it still wouldn't make much sense. Taylors mom had came up with the plan and Mila went a long with it. I truthfully hadn't found out till we got here to this park.

I stopped pushing the swing in which Taylor was swinging in, but it stil kept swinging until it came to a full stop as she planted her feet on the ground. I stood infront of her and just stared down at the beauty that has been haunting me everywhere. I don't know what this girl did to me but it sure isn't pretty.

"Let's go." I said to her bejeweled expression. I wanted to laugh as her cute little nose crunched up in confussion.

"But what about the kids, my mom and Mila they will back soon right?" She asked getting off of the swing, I grabbed her hand in mine and we started walking toward the direction of my car which wa far away in the lot just so when they got here she wouldn't see it and recognize it.

"Relax Tay, those four must be half way home by now." I said chucking to myself.

"What? But I thought they went to get the kids some ice cream?" she asked me, I felt her gaze on my face so I tried to keep my expression composed before I gave myself out by laughing.

"Happy birthday Taylor." I said as I openeed the car door for her. She sat down ad I closed the door behind her, while I myself wealked around the car and got in.

"So I'm gessing this was all just part of the plan." She stated rather than asking, I smiled to myself and started the ignition to start our drive to a dinner I had spotted on my way here.

"So how have you been, how's school, you knowjust anything. Ijust want to you know get caught up in everything that I have missed." I said to her as I got on the highway, I noticed from the corner of my ee she twisted herself a little so she was facing me more.

"Well I guess I've been fine, I still have Pavel for a few more weeks and have gotten a hang on how to take care of him, which is pretty easy due to some past experience." She spoke the words so clearly, it brought me back to when we were younger and I would need help with Melody and there she was taylor taking action and being a mother.

"Yeah I remember that and I'm not suprised I always knew you were going to be an amzing mother, even if its to a doll." we both laughed at that, her laugh entoxicating my ear drums and filling up the crater in my heart that seemed to be getting bigger the more time I spent away from her.

"As for school everything is okay, I gues." The way she spoke that sentence I knew that there was more she wanted to add but like always being Taylor I needed to give her a little push to get it out of her.

"What do you mean?" I asked her, I noticed she hesitated and I wanted to apologize for making her feel uncomfortable.

"My english teacher got arrested in the midle of class, and well one of the girls that I know yelled out that she was pregnant with his baby. Meaning they had an illegal relationship." She whispered the last part, but I knew the double meaning behind that.

"Oh wow, that's a lot. Is she okay? The girl I mean."

"I haven't really seen her to tell you the truth."

"Alright well enough of that, how are things at home?" I aske dher but already knowing the answer to that question. I knew things were a little rough on her and that was the last thing I wanted to bring up.

"Well my parents aren't really talking to each other, because well your brother was the one that told on us to my dad." That hit me like a ton of bricks. Andrey was the one that did that, no she had to be wrong he's my own blood and flesh I've always been there for him.

"Alec... Alec... Alec the road." I snapped out of my trans just in time to see I was going seventy miles an hour on a fifty mile per hour highway.

"Alec you didn't know did you?" Her voice was barely a whisper as she spoke the words out.

"No, I can't believe him. Taylor I'm so sorry."

"No don't be, it's okay."

Why was she so sweet? God gave her too kind of a heart, because I don't think I will ever be able to forgive him for what he did, my only chance at happiness all destroyed harshly by my own flesh and blood. I took the exit that led me to the dinner, all the while trying to forget everything that has happened, and what I truly wanted to do to my brother. Because truly I wanted to hurt him as badly as he had hurt me.

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