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Chapter 2:

Minutes later me and Alek where sitting on the couch, talking about random things. It felt nice to be here with him at least talking like this. It felt comfortable and I was enjoying every minute of it, just like I thought he was. Only once did he have to get up to check on Joven.

Then afterwards we just sat there talking and laughing about old stories and just random topics. when suddendly Alek decided to ask me something I hadn't even thought about in a long time.

"So what do you want to be later on in life Taylor?" he asked in that sexy grown man voice, that always sent shivers through my spine. I looked back at his gorgeous green eyes and saw the curiosity in them. It was like and ocean, I alwasy seemed to get lost in his waves.

"Well I've always wanted to be teacher, so probably a music teahcer since its my favorite subject, and I just love music more than anything." I said and soon regreted saying it. Off course there was something I loved more than naything and it was him, but I couldnt tell him that at least not now that im still a teenage girl.

"Wow, thats great, and very interesting." He said with a smile on his face.

"Why do you say that?" I ask.

"its just the fact that you seem so grown up for a teenager. I mean its just so different talking to you, and my brother. Your both very different, but you, hmm there's some thing differrent... No not different but interesting. Your just very interesting Taylor." he said looking deeply into my eyes.

"I dont-" I started to say but his sudden contat, made me stop in mid-sentence and forget the rest of my thought. His warm hand was suddenly burning the skin on my cheek. the spot he was touching was now burning, like a wild fire my face was lit. His eyes bore into mine and I couldnt do anything else but look at him dumb founded.

"You are and don't let anyone tell you other wise." he said never breaking eye contact and I could of sworn that If I didnt have a brain at the moment I would died right here in his arms.

"Thanks" I managed to mumble, and he smiled at me and whispered a very sexy "your welcome". He soflty started stroking my cheek and his eyes suddendly changed expression for some reason it didn't feel like he was looking at me like before now it was a different look that I couldnt undefine just yet. We sat there for seconds that felt like minutes and soon hours.

The only sound in this house was the wall clock and our staggered breathing. He parted his lips as if to say something when suddenly little Melody burst through the door screamimg "daddy." In two seconds she was jumping on his lap, wrapping her little arms around his neck.

"Hey baby girl." he said holding her tight. I loved the way she looked up to her daddy, like he was her super hero.

"Tay, tay." She said turning her attention to me, and soon before I knew it she lunged her little body at me and hugged me.

"Hey Melody." I said hugging her tight. I saw Alek smilling ta me from accross the couch.

That's how I know it will be an interesting nine weeks, because some how I knew my feelings for him might grow stronger instead of fade away. I will admit I love him and something in the back of my mind was telling me to never stop. But I couldnt get my hopes up. So for now I would be the mother of his adorable children while he was the father of my baby boy Pavel.... Well at least for these up coming nine weeks...


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