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Andrey's POV:

I was drawn back to reality when I just couldn't take Mrs. Stewarts eyes piercing through me. I looked at her and she looked beyond mad, she looked betrayed and hurt for some reason, which I think I knew why.

“Why?” Where the only words that came out of her lips. A question I couldn't really answer, well I could but not by telling her the whole truth. I could tell her partially and be hopeful that she understands my love for her daughter, but I'd know she'd say that if I truly had loved her I would let her be happy, and some how my brother would be dragged to the discussion. (Not something I was personally looking forward.)

But why hearing those three little letters only set a fire deep within me. She was on Alec's side just like everyone else would be, but then again he's the oldest, married a beautiful woman, and had two gorgeous children. No one really knew the real reason for Alec and Avery's divorce, it was sudden and weird for all of our family members to take in that such a perfect cuple 'mathc made in heaven' suddendly wanted to get a divorce especially considering they had Melody who was already a year old.

In a way I was jealous of the way Alec always had everything, good career, beautiful children and he had a sexy ass wife. My parents and family memebers looked up to him and how his future was going so great, and perfect. My mom even compared me to him saying she wishes for my future to be more like his. When I found out he had Taylor it set a fire within me the only thing that I actually had in my life that was important to me and that would make me a much better man than Alec, was taken away from me, by him.

“If you do not answer my question right this second I will fobid Taylor from ever speaking to you again!” Her voice was furious and Im gessing I wasn't the only one sensing her fury because Mr. Stewart was looking down at the floor. I gulped and ooked right at her and ttuthfully I didn't know what to say because if I said that it was out of love, she will hit me back in the face with the fact that if you really love someone you would want them tio be happy, and I didn't do that with Taylor. So I told her the other part as to why I really did it because I knew that by saying “I don't know” I would never see Taylor again.

“I was blackmailed to do it Ms. Stewart.” I said and looked down at the floor in pure shame and guilt.

Her expression changed from anger to surpised but it only lasted about a second before she let her anger take over her whole expression.

“By who?” Asked Mr. Stewart, as he held an odd facial expression.

Something I didn't do was hesitate on who made me do this.

“Avery.” That was all I had to say that ignited a fire upon everyone.

“What?” Asked Mrs. Stewart.

“That I don't really know, I know it has to do with some other guy and Alec.” I said scratching the back of my neck. I looked unsteady and looked down at the ground in pure shame. I heard the faint sound of a baby's cry and so I looked down the hall to see Taylor carrying Pavel.

Taylor's POV:

I had a pounding pain againt my frontal lobe that woke me right up, I didn't fully remember falling asleep I remember wanting to tell Andrey the truth at the truck but not ever getting to speaking to him. I looked to my side and noticed the doll or rather Pavel's eyes blink open and soon he was crying. His little muffled cry taking taking all over my room. It reminded me of Jovan and Melody. Seeing Pavel cry and cry as I picked him up in my arms not only did the kids that my heart ached so much to see but the one guy I wanted so much to be with, the 'father' of my little project. . . I guess I would be on my own for this one.

I grabbed Pavel in my arms and walked down the hall way to the kitchen ignoring the pity gazes I got from my parents. I grabbed the bottle and the formula that I was required to feed the baby, doing all this was like 'deja vu' to when I used to feed Ruben and I would be in the kitchen occasionally with Alec's eyes fixated on me as I fed little Jovan.

I held back the tears that were making their way to my eyes and as the memories flodded through my conscience. That all of the hurt me very deeply, the whole thought of Alec and knowing what has happened cut deep within me.

I heard the voice of andrey telling me something and all I did was nod my head, not only then but to everyone, my parents and even class mates. That's how my life went for the next three weeks, nothign out of the odernary but as I spent time mother little Pavel, my heart ache got stronger and stronger that I don't think I could of coped without seeing my little angels for any longer. The longer I stayed away from them the emptier I felt and for some reason I think my parents noticed it too. . .

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