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Chapter 17:

I was afraid to look into his olive green eyes. . . afraid of what he might think. I wasn't ready to say those words yet, but they have been true for the past four years. From the moment I first met him, and the moment I realized I was in love with him was when I first found out Avery was pregnant.That was the biggest sting to my heart and the first time I really cried in my life.

I raised my teary gaze to his and said the words once again. I looked into his olive green eyes and noticed the tears that threatened to escape the corner of his eyes. His botom lip started quivering, but before I could reach up to caress his soft skin. His lips where on mine. But they didn't move they just stayed there. His lips were planted against mine as his hand snaked around my neck and held me there. I felt the same sparks and butterflies in my stomach as I always do everytime any part of me is against his. His lips slowly moved against mine. Our lips would move in small but synchronized movements.

I felt myself start to get light headed, I couldn't tell my body to do anything as his lips moved against mine, washing many different emotions through my body. I held on to his shirt like I was hanging on my life. His other arm drapped around my waist and he crushed his body tightly against mines, he took half my weight off my feet as he held on to me tightly. His lips left mine, leaving me breathless than I have ever been. But I felt it, the dampness on my shoulder as he burried his head on the crook on my neck and cried.

I wanted to bring him comfort but nothing would come out of my throat. I had a big fat lump on my throat that prevbented me from saying the kind, swet and caring words that I wanted to say to him, all because I wanted to cry along with him.

“I'm so sorry.” He choked out as his crying subsided to a low murmur against my neck. I brough my hand up to his soft dark hair and I just ran my hand through it until his crying completely stopped. But he never removed his face from where it was. I felt his arms wrap around me tighter as he held on to my body. I felt his soft breaths against my neck sending warm shivers down my body. I closed my eyes and just let myself enjoy having him against me.

“It's okay.” I whispered into the air, because no matter how many times I said it was okay, he wouldn't listen, as if I were truly speaking into the air and not him. I couldn't take it anymore, so I slightyl a little harder than intended yanked his face up so his now red and watery eyes could meet mine. I saw the puffyness under his eyes and I knew some of it had to be from lack of sleep.

“Alec, I love you. I've always loved you and yes it has been a pain watching you and her and well everything in between. But please don't apologize because this has made me realize who I am and what I truly want. I love you Alec and I love the kids but please don't apologize. . . It hurts when you do.” I whispered the last few words was his eyes searched for something but it seems like he couldn't truly find what he was looking for.

“No, Tay. You were right. I did promise not to hurt you and I did. Taylor I am so so sorry. I should of-”

“Should of what Alec, waited till I was eighteen? Till I graduted high school? Or till I was at the altar with some other man that I wouldn't be in love with. Waiting wouldn't have done anything but make us both miserable. Everything happened for a reason, a very unknown reason but it's all for a reason. We can't change the past and even though I went througha and still am hurting deeply inside. I don't regret anything that has happened in the past two months. Because I love you Alec.” I was looking right into his eyes the entire time and saw all the love and passion that was held within them.

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