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Taylor's POV:

I woke up with a huge headache. My head was pulsing and my eyelids and nose hurt from all the crying and sniffing. I don't even remeber exactly how I fell asleep i just know that I did, I hd no energy whatsoever to get out of my bed, if it werent because my body was shvering from how cold it was i wouldnt of wrapped the blanket around myself.

I was still in the same clothing I had on yesterday, I didn't even bother to change last night I was in shock and all ai know is that at that moment ai wanted to get away from her! I didn't want to be around her i never did, I just can't believe she came and ruined that night tht i had with Alec! ust the though of him brought a whole new set of tears to my eyes. I couldnt do anything but let them cascade down my cheeks, as I hugged the pillow I had next to me and clutche it to my chest. Wh did the thought of alec have to hurt so much? Why did I feel like a big whole had been in the punched in my chest.

~~~ 1 hour later ~~~~

My eyelids started opening and I started hearing voices. I noticed it was my parents, my dad sounded furious but my mom was more calm as she talked to him. I guess I had fallen asleep once again crying! But this time I didn't wake up every thrity minutes or two hours. I decied to get out of bed, just because I didnt exactly eat lat night and my stomach was growling like crazy.

I got out of the stupid dress I wore last night, the one night I never wanted to repeate. I decided to shower and thats just what I did, I spent about half an hour in the shower not thinking about anything. Just letting the steam of the water consume me, into an empty space. I decided to finally get out as I heard voices downstarirs and not only my parents but someone else whom I couldn't really recognize.

I got out and wrapped the towel around my body, I walked top the fogged up mirror and passed my hand through it to see myself, and at least I looked better. I grabbed a pair of sweat pant's and a green peace shirt and put them on, I tied my hair into a loose pony tail and immediately froze as soon as heard the voice that my body had been craving to hear, the one voice of the person my body was craving to touch, to feel, to be with! My stomach tied in a knot. I heard the voice again but it was pleading and filled with sadness. .

I inched closer to my bedroom door, and hear it again pleading and pleading... for me. I opened the door and hid behind the frame like a frightened child who's afraid of getting caugh for something they've done. I slowly walked down the hall that led to the living room, where I cought a glimpse of my dad glaring furiously at the man that made my heart ache at the sight of them.

My heart must of stopped right there and then at the sight of him. He looked horrible, his eyes where swollen they had dark circles under his eyes, he was still wearing the same clothing as yesterday, execpt the tie was messed up and his shirt, well it wasnt the best shade of white and his hair was a mess. I had never in the years of knowing Alec seen him this way, and the sight of him made my heart ache even more.

“Please just let me talk to her, please just five minutes!” His fragil and broken voice pleaded but my father wouldnt even flinch at his words. He stood their rigid as a stone with a menacing glare towards Alec.

“You are sick, and irresponsible! You are married and have two children and you where taking oour daughter behind our back's. What in the name of hell makes you think I will let you speak to her?!? I cannot believe you would be irresponsiblle enough to risk your children for your stupidity. She is 16 and you are a grown ass man!” Alec flinched at the words my dad said, and the truth I flinched at them too, especially the tone he used. I walked slighty farther and stopped just at the wall where the hallway ended.

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