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Taylor's POV:

In the last three week's all I have done is weep silently and cry, as Avery is in each and everyoone of my dreams haunting me. I havent been able to see Melody nor Jovan in the past three weeks and it's really killing me in the inside as not being able to hear their voice and little cries. This is the longest I've gone without seeing them, the last time was for a day. But it was all punishment due to me secretely dating Alec behind everyone's backs, even if it was just for a week and a half. In the past time I did come out clean to Andrey and in a way I felt so guilty when he didn't even seem fazed by the news, he wasn't even surprised.

Lately my one and only, well close friend is Avery's step sister Mila , she has been coming over alot which has brought us closer, I told her everything with Alec and it helped so much, my chest didn't hurt as much as it did in the begining when all of thi had just happened. But one thing we barely even talked about was Alec and Avery, which I was more than happy with because that was a topic that brougth a lot of unwanted tears and memories that just broke deeper into me and caued a lot more pain that I just don't think I could handle.

But Mila was extremely helpful, she would help me with Pavel, so I could finish all my homework and get caught up in some classes. Occasionally I would take small naps to make up for the lack of sleep I've been getting from heartbreak and a baby waking up in the middle of the nigth crying his robotic eyes out. But as much as I hate to admit it, I didn't want to give him and knowing I had just one little month with him left hurt a little, I know he's a doll with all the qualities of a human baby, but I think I have gone through the hardest time of my life with this lttle doll.

She could get a little annoying just like everyother friend could be. Not a bad type of annoying though she just kept bugging me about my seventeenth birthday, which is unfortunate because all my friends are about to be eighteen and their celebrations are all throughout the place, I've been invited to three brithday parties but I guess in the whole teen depression stage of my life those invitations ended in the trash bin somewhere in the school grounds. Guess what today was ? Well It doesn't take a moron to know what it is? (That's if you've seen me throughtout the school day, then you'll already know.)

I have been walking around with a handful of cards and happy brithday ballons, I left Pavel today with Mila, since I was only going to be in school for half a day my mom said she was going to pick me up early and that we'd go shopping afterwards. Which sounded great considering I havent spent so much time with my mom, and from the way things seem neither has my dad.

I noticed my mom's apeptite grow by the second, and her clothing was looking slightly tighter to her body, so I guess this shopping spree was convenient for the both of us. Me to get my mind away from things and my mom to get a whole new pregnancy wardrobe. Something that was still very new to all of us, my dad brings her flowers everynight and her favorite bag of candies but my mom just gives him a monotone thank you and then goes away to her room, I notice it hurts him but I have been to bussy mourning to focuse or even know what exactly is going on.

It does hurt to ee my parents this way especially when they have a child a long the way and knowing that they will expecting the baby in a few months, doesn't help the situation they are in at all.

Currently we were walking past this clothing store in the mall and this cute black blouse caught my eye. I put the straw down from my strawberry and banana milkshake.

“Hey mom, can I go buy that shirt ?” I asked her as made my way tot he store without even waiting for her permission. I walked right in the store and towards the shirt on the maniquin, I checked for my size on the rack but they were out of small's. Out of curiosity I decided to check the shirt on the maniquin and noticed it was a small. Jack pot!

“Hi welcome to Mardi Gra, if you need any help or assistance I am here to help.” Said a short brown haired woman, she look to be in her mid twentys, I think.

“Actually, I do. I really, really like this shirt and the only one that is in my size, the maniquin has it on.” I said pointing to it. By this time my mom was already by my side looking at the rack of clothing next to me.

“I'm sorry, you'll just have to find something else on the rack.” Said the sales woman, dissapoinment washed through me knowing I couldn't get the shirt I really wanted. So I grabbed the shirt in the next size which was medium and just went to the jeans area. Now normally I would have faught to have gotten that shirt but I really wasn't in the mood to even try. I found some nice dark blue jeans but in the middle of each leg it looked bleached wich attracted me even more. I grabbed them in my size and decided to just waalk around the store. I passed some of the jewelery but none of them catched my eye, so I decided to just go straight to the cashier and pay with the cash my mom had handed me. To my luck the rude lady from earlier was standing behind the cashier.

I placed the shirt and jeans on the counter and she scanned them. I noticed he way she looked at the tag on the shirt and smirked.

“Well seems like you followed my advice.” she said with a smirk on her face, I ignored it and gave her two tweenties, she packed my clothing in a bag an handed it to me. I grabbed my change and started to walk away when I saw my mom circleling around some shirts, near the one I had originally liked.

“Hey sweetie look at this t-shirt, I found it so funny.” she said calling me over.

“Look what it says.” I read it and slightly laughed, the shirt said “Your Face” in a facebook like way and then at the bottom it said 3,000,000 dislikes, I found that quite amuzing and just chuckled. I mom took away my shopping abg and I noticed her taking out the shirt I had just baught.

“Mom, what are you doing?” I asked her as she exchange my shirt with the same one as it appeared to be.

“Shhh.” She said and I noticed her putting the shirt I had just baught on the half naked maniquin. My eyes widened because I would never be able to do that, she put the original one I liked with my size in the bag and beofre she could even finish putting the other one on the maniquin, the sales clerk had caught us.

“Hey, what do you two think your doing?” she asked walking out from behind the counter. My mom threw the shirt and just yelled run as she grabbed my hand led me out the store I heard the sales clerk yelling things at me but me and my mom were too far away to hear or even understand any of it.

I was breathless by the time we had made it out of the store and down to the food court, I was laughing and so was my mom, it was something that I would of never pictured her doing. Technically it wasn't stealing, I had already paid for it we just changed the size of the shirt. Suddendly something popped into my head and I felt horrible.

“Mom, the baby?” I asked her my eyes probably as big a saucers, I was really looking forward having a baby brother, or baby sister very soon.

“Relax honey, we didn't run as fast as you think we did to cause harm and even then I am still too early to cause anytype of harm about a month and a half.” She said and wiped her brow, which I noticed was slightly sweaty. She looked at her hand watch and turned to me.

“Alright, sweety lets go to the rest room to freshen up.” . . . To be continued . . .

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