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Chapter 3:

The time passed by, and the more i played with Melody. She was the cutest thing ever.

She would run and jump all around the house, with her little curls bouncing behind her

steps. I would go to the backyard and let her play and roll all over the green grass.

Occasionally Alek would come outside and Id catch him smiling as he watched us both

roll around and play on the grass.

Now we were inside, and Melody had just came out of the shower and was sitting on the

sofa, watching “Anastasia” while I brushed her delicate little curls, Alek ironically was

putting Jovan to sleep, and funny also Pavel which woke up crying for like 30 minutes


It was funny how surprised he was to see that the doll functioned like a real life baby.

The pooping, crying and vomiting.(lol these are the funny moments, Alek and Adrey’s

faces where hilarious.) ;) Me and Andrey where at the moment finishing up some Spanish

homework, when Aek walked into the room with the phone glued to his right ear.

“Yeah… okay… Will do sir, Ill have her home safe and sound in about 30 minutes…

Okay, bye Mr. Miller.” He said and soon put the phone in his pocket.

“Was that my dad?” I asked him.

“yeah, he called while I was trying to put Pavel to sleep.” He said.

“Can you believe that it is a million times harder to put a doll to sleep than a real baby.”

He added walking into the kitchen and grabbing a drink.

“Well take the batteries of that thing and then when its time to turn it in put them back

and you’ll have an easy ‘A’.” Said Andrey writing something on his notebook. I lightly

slapped his arm and soon enough Alek slapped the back of his head.

“Ignore my idiot brother, I’m actually glad you don’t have to do this Andrey, I’m sure I

will be stuck not only taking care of my children but also your’s… Hey I might even get

the doll to call me dad before you.” He added with a smirk on his face. I laughed at their

attempt to seem

“Cool” lol.

“Daddy, can TayTay stay with me?” she asked giving him the cutest puppy dog eyes

ever. I was falling for them, I couldn’t see how he couldn’t.

“No sweetie, I really wish I could but to have to have her at her house in a little bit.” He

said sounding a little disappointed, or so it seemed.

“But if Taylor doesn’t mind then she could tuck you in.” he said with a hopeful smile on

his face.

“I don’t mind at all.” I said smiling at her and then slightly I smiled at him on my way to

Melody’s room.

I walked behind her and tucked her in bed, I was happy to be here with the kids. It

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