The day passed by rather fast, me and the girls worked on the assignment and we finished it even with the little interruption.  Where Eliza’s boyfriend who turn’s out to be Mr. Santiago’s brother showed up with a bouquet of flowers in front of the whole class. Eliza was a little dazed after that occasionally smiling into space. It was a really cute gesture of him.  Although it is a little weird to be dating the teachers brother. Well for me it would be awkward. But everyone’s different right? I was super thankful for Mr. Santiago when he took Pavel out of my arm’s I was able to finish my work with out interruption’s. Although I did feel a little bad he does have responsibilities  but he seems to enjoy it with a sad smile on his face.

The day flew by and nothing bad really happened to my gratitude I was thankful. Me and Andrey went to our classes and everything was like normal well sort of. But at least he didn’t ask me about the flower’s nor did he bring it up at any moment. My mind did keep going back to Alec!

It’s impossible not to think about him 24/7! He’s so sweet, caring, charming and just plain perfect. I was really excited for our first date and honestly I couldn’t wait, as the second’s turned to minutes and minutes into hours and hours into day’s my stomach would fill up with more and more butterflies.

He would keep sending me these really cute text messages that just made my day! I almost got caught with my phone out in history. He didn’t make it obvious it was me but he made it obvious some one was texting .

“So class, if any of you, and I repeat any of you see someone with there phone out. I don’t care if it’s in their desk or lap or whatever! You must tell me! And if you do tell me the name of that student and if they do have it out I will give you 5 point’s extra credit! That is half a letter grade!” As soon as he said that my face brightened. I slid my phone down to my lap and slid it to my pocket.  After that everyone’s eyes would scan the room to find someone with a phone out. It was pretty funny, I just felt bad I couldn’t reply right away to Alec.

When I got out of the class I texted him that and it turns out he also had Mr. Mc Farlane as a history teacher when he went to school. Honetly it is a little weird knowing he had at least half mine and Andrey’s teachers. But it was helpful he would tell us and warn us how the teacher’s where.

I was currently in my last class and we where doing a little overview on how parenting was and how it was to work 50/50 with someone on the responsibilities of having a family. Some group’s where annoyed by there partners, and other just hated the whole marriage thing. I felt bad for them because marriage isn’t based on thing’s like this stupid project, marriage should be a wonderful experience in your life and something that you know that before you die you will never regret it.

Well, some times. It’s not like things work out like that in real life. Sometimes it takes one person to make you realize that love isn’t about the outside is what is inside the persons heart.

Ms. Corv, impressed that I was doing good, with the whole baby project. I did tell her I had some help from my best friend and it was all coming out pretty good.  She gave me an A for the week and went on with checking everyone else. I help Pavel in my arm’s and rocked him while I finished my work. Which was hard to do considering a few other baby dolls where crying and pretty loud too.

Alec’s POV:

God I miss Taylor so much! It was impossible to get her off my mind, which was good and bad. Bad because I couldn’t concentrate as I tried going over the tax papers, and good because my feeling’s for her kept growing as I received text after text from her. Natasha had brought in a box of my things she found in my old office and I was now putting everything away in the shelf’s and my desk. I had pictures of the kids, specially Melody and Jovan together. My favorite was one where Taylor was in this knee long light pink dress with white polka dot’s and white flats, he hair was sprawled all over the grass looking vibrant and as if it had highlights as the sunlight shone upon it. Melody was wearing a pink dress and her pink sandal’s, they where both laying on the grass, smiling up at the camera as Jovan was laying on Taylor with a huge smile on his face. I remember that was in the back yard after church, that day I started to have strong feeling’s towards’ Taylor!

I put the picture in the middle of my desk, therefore whenever I sat down I would  be able to see my two favorite girls and my little boy. I honestly don’t think I can live without having Taylor by my side! I grabbed another picture frame it was a little dusty, so with the napkin I had I cleaned it off. But my breathing stopped all completely.

I was shocked! To have found this picture. It’s been five years, since my weeding day. I grabbed the picture and pulled closer so I could take a better look at the mad and women smiling in the picture.  They looked so happy and perfect. I was shocked! I remember they day I asked her to be my wife, it was a very nerve racking day for me.

~~~~ Five years and 10 months ago~~~~

Take a deep breath Alec, you can do this. You have to do this. No, I can’t… I was pacing back in forth in the restaurant bathroom. I left Avery about three minutes ago, god she looked stunning. I picked up from her parent’s and took her to a five star restaurant, my plan was to ask for her hand in marriage tonight but my nerves where getting in the way. I splashed water on my face, and rubbed it. ‘Stop being a coward.’ I kept repeating to myself.

I walked outside and made my way to the table, she was sitting there looking as stunning as ever. She had a short mid-thigh dress, it was black and it complemented her figure perfectly. Her cherry brown hair was pulled back in these really sexy curl’s falling down her back. Her light brown eyes, shone as the light reflected upon them. She wasn’t the tannest person ever but she did catch a short tan and did go tanning occasionally to in the shop. I wasn’t a fan of it but whatever pleased her, I just wanted her happy.

When I thought about marrying her I put away all the con’s she had, and just looked at the good in her. She was freaking hot! Not something you find very often, and she was good at certain things. Yeah there where a few things that I didn’t like but whatever I had this sexy woman by my side.

“What are you staring at?” she asked me, looking intently at me.

“Your beauty.” I said and she smiled at me.

~~~~ Reality ~~~~

I remember even as I nervous as I was that night, I took her on a stroll in the park and took out the ring and asked to her to be my wife.  I was happy at the moment but now that I think back to it, at the moment I didn’t know the meaning of love or happiness. But in this picture I was dressed in a tuxedo, much younger then now, and she was in this beautiful wedding gown, she wanted something simple but that showed her model body, and I just wanted her happy.

I remember seeing her walking down the isle, with her dad by her side. He looked so happy as he walked his daughter towards me. I was beaming with nervous ness and joy. I was so happy when she got to me and her arm got linked with mines.

The moment she said “I do” I was supper happy that this woman was mine… But then again things don’t turn out the way you think. The first year of our marriage was good, and happy but I started to see the side of Avery I had never seen before. I guess she was her real self.

I was hurt to know that it is sad to have made a decision without really thinking it through. It’s more sad that I came to conclusion’s at my age and with two kid’s in my life. I love Taylor more then anything and feel horrible knowing I had hurt her on that day I decided to say my “I do’s”…

My phone vibrating brought me back to life, I put the picture back in the box and went to my phone to see a message from Taylor, I smiled and looked at the time. I decided to just leave the office to go pick up the kids and my girl from school.

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