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Alec’s POV:

I started driving, but my mind couldn’t stop thinking about the picture, of which I had completely forgotten I had! Don’t get me wrong I’m in love with Taylor! But thinking back to Avery sent  cold shiver down my spine . Not a good kind too. I drove like a zombie to go pick up Taylor and Andrey, my head kept replaying the time I spent with Avery, the good and the bad! The day of our wedding would be aday I wouldn’t want to relive.

I feel bad to think I regret it, but I got myself stuck in this mess, by myself. But hey, who would of known, the love of my life was under my nose this whole time and I didn’t let my mind register it or even think about her that way back then, she was just a family friend. That day I was so nervous, mainly because I knew I wanted to do this, just I didn’t know the reason’s as to why, but I nervous as in should I really do this?!? Was I making the right decision?!?

Is it sad to have found the love of my life at my age?


Well, if I had founder back then she would have been way too young!...actually she still is young… God why is everything so complicated!

I erased all thought’s and worries out of my head, my mind raced back to Taylor as soon as I saw her walking with Andrey. Guilt washed through me for about two seconds. I love Taylor more than anything, and I know that Andrey like’s her but if he loved her like I did he would of done something, I’m really thinking it’s more of an obsession.

They approached the car, and Andrey  got in the front much to my disappointment. Taylor sat in the back, and I watched as her delicate hand’s reached for the seat belt and the click of it echoed the inside the car.

The car drive was pretty much quiet. From my rear view mirror Taylor had her headset on and was listening to music. She looked so peaceful and cute, it brought butterflies to my stomach. She looked up when I stopped at a red light and our gazes locked, she blushed when I winked at her and then blushed.

I kept driving home with a huge smile on my face, and Taylor taking over every thought in my mind. That is until my brother interrupted me.

“Where are the kids?” He asked taking his gaze from outside the window, and he looked at me.

“There at home with Mila.” I saw him nod and return his attention back to the side of the road, while I kept driving.

Mila is Avery’s older step sister, her and Avery used to be really close, until they had an incident which is a big story and certainly not my story to tell.

We parked up front and Taylor was the first to get out of the car following with my brother. I grabbed my suitcase from the back and made my way inside to find Taylor hugging a giggling Melody, Mila was playing with Jovan while Andrey got on the computer. I was thirsty so I decided to go get a drink.

I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a can of Dr. Pepper from the fridge, I popped the can open and chugged half of it down, without realization of how thirsty I was.  I heard an amused chuckle from Mila, I turned around and found her with Jovan in her arms. Mila was five seven pretty tall for a women, well that’s comparing her to Avery and Taylor. She was really pretty, she had more curves then Avery , her hair was strawberry blonde which she got I’m guessing from her mom. Because Avery’s dad’s hair was pitch black. She was a mixture of American from her dad and Italian with a little bit of Moldavian from her mother.

Ever since I met Mila she would hit on me when her sister, well step-sister, wouldn’t be paying attention or walked out of the room. I didn’t notice till one day the sister’s where arguing one afternoon when I came home from work. After that I started becoming more conscious when I was around Mila. But she did get married so the flirting has stopped since then, which I am thankful for.

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