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Part 1

Taylor's POV

I was still in shock when I took the flowers to Ms. Corv's classroom. I couldn't believe how sweet that was of him. It all made my heart flutter and ache with happiness. I got a lot of questions from my friends and even girls that had never even noticed my existence.

By the time lunch came around I had everyone at my table ask me about the flowers. There was just one person who I didn't want finding out about them though... But looks like that wasn't happening.

"What flowers Tay?" asked Andrey, while eating his sloppy Joe.

"Umm, the bouquet I received this morning in class..." I started looking around for help I didn't know exactly what to really do, I didn't want to lie to my best friend but I also didn't want him to know who really gave me the flowers, I was positive that would bring a lot of problems.

He swallowed his food and turned to look at me with curiosity.

"Who gave them to you?" he asked, I knew if I tried to lie it just wouldn't work he knew me to well. My face gets supper red whenever I try to lie.

"Umm, it's a mystery." I said quickly grabbing my water and chugging it down.

"Awww that's supper cute. Imagine first flowers, then romantic dates. Awww it's all like a fairytale." kept on babbling Monique. She and the girls where trying to guess who the mystery guy was, from seniors to other juniors.

"Well I gotta go to chemistry guys I'll see you later then." I said standing up, an putting my bag on my shoulder. I scooped up my sleeping little Pavel, and started walking away when I felt someone walk in pace with me.

"Isn't your next class in the 400 building?" I asked Andrey. He grabbed Pavel out of my arms, and kept walking in pace with me. A tip having a baby at a young age not so cool, I love babies but they are a huge responsibility, that's why I will wait till I don't have so manythings at once.

(lol sorry but it is a huge responsibility and I'm sure all teenagers aren't  ready for that)

"Yeah it is but I know you where lying, so honestly this time, please tell me who send those flowers to you?"

I don't think I could lie to him much longer it just was unethical of me. We always told each other everything and now I'm lying to him about this and my feelings for his brother. I was thankful that the bell decided to ring, right that second and took Pavel in my arms and said my byes to Andrey, but he just plainly said we'd talk later. I just wished later would never come.

Alec POV ;)

I really was anxious if Taylor got the flowers and specially if she liked them. The flower shop told me they had already been delivered. I was in my office tapping a pen down on my desk, when I let curiosity get the set of me. I grabbed my cell from my pants pocket and debated on seeding her a text.

"Good morning Alec." said my assistant walking in through my door. I worked at the local bank and had. Pretty high rank here. Hence my own office and secretaries.

"Good morning." I said as she placed a cup of Starbucks coffee in front of me.

"I got you a strong black coffee with extra caramel and hazel nut." she said smiling. I remember how much she would flirt with me when she started working here, actually she still does just not as bad.

"Thank you Natasha." I said taking a sip from the warm coffee. I still couldn't stop thinning about Taylor. God I jet couldn't keep her of my mind lately.

"Alec! Alec!" kept repeating Natasha. I looked at her with a questioning look.

"Are you okay Alec?" she asked getting closer to my desk.

"Yeah I'm fine sorry I was thinking" I said

"oh okay, I was asking if your leaving early today?"

"Oh yeah I gotta pick my kids and my brother and his friend from school." I said looking at the clock which I  wished could go faster. I noticed her mood slightly change.

"Everything okay?" I asked her as she sat down in front of me. I put my papers aside and looked at her. I can honestly say Natasha is pretty, she's tall around 5'6" or 7", she was light skinned with fiery raid hair. But she wasn't my Taylor. I guess that's why I never gave her a chance, and also the fact she's so pushy.

"Yeah, I was just wondering if you'd like to go out sometime for coffee and dinner, maybe Friday night?" I gave her a skeptical look and grabbed some tax papers from the side.

"Look Natasha I really would like to keep things professional in the office." I said and saw the glow in her face fade away.

"Okay, I understand." She said getting up and walking off and away from my office. Oh my god! I am seriously tired of all this flirting there's only one girl I want and I will get her, even if it's just as a friend...

I kept working on the tax papers I had to review, to help being the bank numbers down, but my mind kept drifting back to Taylor. I literally couldn't wt her off of my mind. Icebergs on sending her a text message, for about five minutes. When I finally decided to just do it.


Hey beautiful, did you like the gift?

I waited a whole agonizing minute arguing with myself about how corny I was being just to get this girl to like me, well she probably does, what do I know right?

I felt my phone buzzing against the table and Taylor's name flash on the screen.


There beautiful, why'd you sent them?


I sent them because I wanted them for you!


Ummm, well thank you Alec, I truly love them! :)

I smiled at the thought that she loved them. May be just may be I might have a chance with this girl. The girl that has invaded my dreams and thoughts every day and night.


"I'm glad you do gorgeous!... How many classes do you have left?"


 Umm four more unfortunately >;(


Lol, don't worry summers right around the corner then you have a year and you'll be done before you know it... Don't you wish you had a prince charming to save you from that jungle? ;)


Haha, your lucky your long done!!!!!! And yesssss!!!!


Lol, I'll see you in a few ;)


Wait, what???

I laughed at her reply and just started packing up my papers on my suit case, and walked out my office.

"Natasha I'm gonna be leaving a little earlier then usual, if any calls come in tell them to leave a message." I said punching out.

"What about the papers?"

"I'll be looking over them at home, and email you the report." I said and walked off the office and got on my car to go pick up my Taylor from school. I drove as fast as I could and headed towards her!

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