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Sooa, where are you?
It's your first day at work and already late?

5 minutes
I spent the whole night awake because of the nerves and I fell asleep when I need to get up

It's going to go well
You rock at your job
Even better than Dongsun

Your boyfriend appreciates it

Shut up
She was only speaking facts

Hurry up before I leave without you

Should I apply for a job at SM ?
Now my boyfriend and best friend left me

You're fine at YG


I'm coming
Sheez you're annoying

Sooa smiled seeing her friend waiting on his car with coffee cup on his hand.

"You're amazing" she said taking a sip of coffee

"Let's go Miss Producer" He opened the door for her

"Thank you" She winked at him and get in the car "dinner at your house?"

"You're offering me dinner at my place?" He laughed

"Actually it's Iseul place, she just let you stay for sex"

"It's a good deal if you ask me" Dongsun smiled and continue driving

Entering the building, Sooa was getting nervous about all the new work and how they will accept her.

Entering the building, Sooa was getting nervous about all the new work and how they will accept her

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s.oy First day at work ✨

Doongs Our baby is all grown up @is.me
is.me I know 😭

"Ok at lunch call me ok? I need to go to practice"

"See you" she smiled

Going to the studio she meet Haru, the senior producer who's gonna be working with her too.

"Hello" she bowed

"Hey, it was hard finding this room?"

"I know one of the choreographer so he helped me"

"Which one ?"


"Oh" he laughed " he's a funny one. So let's go work"

Sooa was working on some beats when three boys came around.

"Hummm we're looking for Haru" the voice of the guy was deep

"He's not here right now,he left 10 minutes ago" Sooa answer him

"You're new here aren't you?" she nodded

"New producer?" One of them sat next to her looking at the computer

"Yuta, you're scaring her"

"Sorry" he said getting up and smiling at her

"No, it's ok. Are you idols?"

"We're NCT"

"Oh I heard some of your songs! You're good" she said

"I'm Taeyong" the deep voice said "he's Yuta"

"And I'm Jaehyun"

"Hello" she greeted again " it's nice to meet you"

"Sooa!"Haru said coming in "oh you already met them. They're from NCT, be careful they can enchant you" He said making them laugh

"We?!" Yuta said

"Yes you! All the girls that come to work here develop a huge crush on one of you... at least"

"You don't have to worry about that" Sooa said giggling

"Boyfriend?" Jaehyun asked

"You like girls?" Taeyong added

"No and no" Sooa answer "just I don't mix work with pleasure, even if you're all hot"

"At least she is telling the truth" Yuta said giving her a high five

"Sooa you can take your break , I just need to talk to them really quickly" Haru said and Sooa left the room

Sooa was waking down the halls when she heard a familiar voice.

"Again!" Dongsun yelled " come on Chenle no joking around"

"Hey" Sooa whispered opening slightly the door

"Shouldn't you be working?" He hugged her letting the boys rest a bit "thank her for the break"

"Break.... Haru was with some idols, cute ones actually"

"Don't tell that to Iseul, she's dying to hook you up with someone" he smiled "wanna stay here for a bit?"

"They won't mind?" She glanced at the boys on the floor

"Guys! This is Sooa, my friend and the newest producer. Do you mind if she stays here a bit?"

"No problem"

"That is Mark, then you have Chenle, Jaemin, Jeno, Jisung, Rejun and Haechan"

"Hello" Sooa said bowing

"Is she your girlfriend?" Haechan asked

"No, I'm his best friend aka the third wheel" she smiled

"We're not bad as you said"  he pushed her off

"Of course not" Sooa rolled her eyes "I'll shut up and let you do your thing"

So she get down and watch them dance, she was always impress by seeing idols perform. She's only good at one thing but idols have many talents.

She looked at her phone and saw that it was probably time to go to Haru, as she got up the door opened.

"And we meet again... are you stalking me ?"

"And you are?" Sooa said with a smile

"Yuta. Nice to meet you... for the second time" he answer "Haru is available if you want to go back"

"Thanks. Hey see you later" she said to Dongsun

"Your friend is something else" Jeno said

"Yeah yeah back off" he threw a water bottle to him " from the start"

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