Chapter 11 ~Sleepover

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Hi! Sorry if you were expecting a chapter Saturday, I've decided that I'm not updating on Saturdays because Saturday is my writing and planning days so that I'm all set for the week. I didn't update today in the daytime because well I've got a cold, so I was too caught up in blowing my nose and sneezing. Well enjoy! Oh the next chapter after this one is a follow up one so yeah just enjoy!

Embry POV:

Tap. Tap. Blonk.

"Ow shit! Embry!" I sat up that's not the rain. I waited. "Embry!" Is that Chrissy? I got up walked over to the window and there stood Chrissy, what is she doing here? Bshoo. The thunder yelled before it started pouring, she can't stay out there She'll get sick. I quickly opened the window and pulled her inside, she flew into my chest with a thud.

"What are you doing here?" I asked her while I shut the window I turned around and saw her looking around my room. I didn't clean my room, great. She glanced at me and smiled her beautiful smile, it wasn't a full smile, like she would when she pulled a prank or being sarcastic, there was no small dimples appearing or her perfectly cleaned teeth showing.

"I, um, I'm not sure, I missed you." She replied. I don't know how I knew she was drunk or at least a little bit tipsy but I did. I still blushed at her comment.

"Do you know what time it is? Your parents are going to kill you" she pouted

"Exactly, that's why I need to stay here tonight, I walked from a friends house and I'm tired and still a little bit tipsy." She explained like it was the smartest thing to do, which it kind of was.

"Okay" I said slowly. She smiled.

"I'm wet" she complained I didn't notice before but she is wet from the rain, I walked over to my drawer and grabbed a shirt before walking back and giving it to her. She smiled and grabbed it.

"Thank you" she said before reaching for her shirt to pull it over her head, I quickly turned around even though she didn't say 'don't look' she's still drunk and my mom always said to be a gentlemen. Quil's right I'm such a mommas boy.

"You can sleep in the bed, I'll stay on the floor" I stated

"No! Its your bed, I'll take the floor."

"No, you sleep on the bed!" I demanded I heard her sigh

"Fine. But only if you lay with me please" she said hugging me from behind I turned my head to look at her, to see her pouting. I can't handle that look, I mean we're just sleeping right? Not doing anything we're not allowed to.

"Deal." I said she smiled that breathtakingly beautiful smile before pulling me to the bed, she climbed in first followed by me. I was already shirtless and in my boxers and I really didn't feel like putting clothes on. As I lay on my back I felt her eyes on me before she cuddled closer, her legs, bare legs actually, intertwined with mine while her arms wrapped around my torso and her head against my chest. I cautiously wrapped my arms around her not sure how she would react.

"You're warm" she mumbled cuddling if possible closer to me "really warm" her hand then came up to my face patting it as if I were a dog. "Weird" she stated before placing her hand in my shoulder.

After a while I could tell she was asleep by how she was not talking, Chrissy not talking rarely happens so she must be asleep. My hand went to her hip, I didn't give her boxers, is she? I lowered my hand a little. Nope not naked down there just in her panties.

In her panties with my shirt, in my bed, while I'm in boxers. Only. Shit! I looked down and sure enough he's awake, I glanced at Chrissy hoping that since her leg is near him she won't wake up. Nope. Still sleeping. I looked down again what am I? She started moving, her legs untangled from mine, her arms left my torso and she kicked the blankets off then later on her stomach her face in my direction.

Maybe now is a good time to, no, I can't do that, maybe I can, she's asleep she won't find out, what if she wakes up? She won't you can do this just listen to me okay this is your chance to jack off to a beautiful half dressed girl, not just beautiful, but the most beautiful in the whole reservation or any reservation nearby.

That's true she is the most beautiful girl around all the guys at school gawk at her, even that old creepy ticket guy in Forks. Every Guy's parents tell them that she's the girl they need to marry, even my mom hinted at it she came over one day to pass something out for her parents and I happened to open the door


I looked up and I was shocked to see the one and only Christian Hernandez oldest daughter of David Hernandez and Victoria Santiago.

"Hi, um, is your mom home?" She asked awkwardly

"Um?" I couldn't answer her I was too busy admiring her

"Embry, who is it sweety?" My mom asked walking to the door "oh hello dear, how may I help you?"

"Hello, my parents are having this event and they would love it if you came" she explained handing a fancy invitation to my mom

"Of course sweetheart" After she left my mom turned and gave me look before saying "I just saw my future daughter in law"

*flashback over*

So I guess you could see she pretty much hinted at it. I turned to look at Chrissy before my hands went into my boxers, I gave myself a long slow stroke, I gasped. I began more strokes just like the first one and imagined it was her that it was all her making me feel all of this, as I moaned I heard her let out a small groan before turning to her side completely facing me, I froze and watched her. When she showed no sign of waking up I continued. I imagined it was her soft delicate hands that were pumping up and down my penis as I moaned in pure pleasure. It didn't take long for me to finish due to my imagination and the fact that she's right next to me.

Okay sorry for the lack of detail ^ if you're into reading that but next chapter there's a bit more so just a warning. Hope you enjoyed this chapter and if you want to make sure I keep updating then vote and comment what you think, I'm serious I need to know a few things for the future. So if I happen to ask a question answer because it could be who you want her to be with in the final chapter, or something important. But yeah, um follow me also.

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