Part 2

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Today was gameday and to say I'm excited and nervous is an understatement. To me playing England is always very special but at the same time very weird considering I know practically the whole team. Right now we're on the bus to the stadium. I'm listening to some music like I do most of the time when I'm prepping for a game, until I feel my phone buzzing.

Willy 🇬🇧😎
Goodluck today, you're gonna need it 😏

Queenie 🇱🇷👑
Keep your luck Williamson, I'm gonna beat your ass but don't worry I'll be a good best friend and be your shoulder to cry on for when you lose. 😏

Willy 🇬🇧😎
In your dreams Queenie

Willy 🇬🇧😎
but all joking aside I've missed ya. I'm glad you're back.

Queenie 🇱🇷👑
Don't worry I'll be back to annoy your ass on Tuesday 😁 you'll be begging me to leave again.

Queenie 🇱🇷👑
But I've missed you too. Good luck tonight 😘

Willy 🇬🇧😎
Good luck to you too 😘

I smiled at my phone and put it on silent now. Lindsay looked at me, smiling softly. "What's that smile about?"

I take my airpods out and face my fellow midfielder. "Nothing, just Leah wishing me good luck." I say smiling at her.

"Leah, as in Leah Williamson your Arsenal teammate, Leah? Well that's nice of her. They are still treating you right over there right? Or do I need to kick some of their asses? I will kick their asses if you want me to. Just say the word and I will go over there and-" Linds rambles on.

I cut her off with a kiss on the cheek and rested my head on her shoulder. "Don't worry about me Linds, I'll be fine." I say, closing my eyes.

"I know," she signs. "It's just, you're like my baby sister." She says while looking at me, making me groan at the baby comment.

"I'm always going to be the baby of this team aren't I?" I whine making Lindsay chuckle.

"Yep." She says making the p pop. I resumed listening to my music and started to focus on the game. Everyone has their own game day routines. Some listen to music, some play a game to try to keep their mind off of it till they arrive at the stadium and some just stare out a window. Don't really see the fun in that. That would just make me spiral more to be honest. I'm probably in between listening to music or trying to keep my mind off the game depending on the game itself.

It's not long before we arrive at the stadium. We gather our stuff, get off the bus and head towards the locker rooms. Once we arrived there we put everything away so we could go check out the field.

"Kid you coming?" I was rummaging through my locker when I heard Becky behind me. "Yup, just let me put away my airpods." I continued putting everything away, trying to organize my locker. Look at me being all organized and shit.

After a couple seconds I was done. I saw that Becky was still waiting for me. "All done, let's go." I said turning around to walk beside her.

She threw her arm around me and we walked to the field. The moment I walked out, I felt a body collide with mine. Becky took a step back. I caught the person just in time before whoever jumped on me wouldn't fall down. Seconds later someone else jumped on my back.

"I guess you guys have missed me." a smug smile forming on my face.

"Wipe that smirk off your face Queenie, we just missed annoying you. That's it." A thick British accent was heard.

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