Part 24 : Alive pt2

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Part 24: Alive (pt2)

"Jessica, please" Josh caught my arm and stopped me from fleeing further.

Tears began to leak at the corners of my eyes " I-I can’t" I spoke breathlessly, looking down at my feet.

“Please look at me" he pleads in a hushed tone.

I shook my head staring at the pavement before me.

It was silent but only for a moment as we stood, facing each other. As the silence dragged on he drew in a deep breath and enfolded me in his arms. I didn't fight it and embraced it, clinging onto him. He rubbed my back comfortingly, kissing my temple. After what seemed like an eternity in each other's arms, I took a breather and looked up at him, staring at me intently, lovingly, adoring, and heartbroken.

“I'm sorry" I whispered

"No, I'm sorry" he spoke softly

And I cracked a small smile "it’s just that I know I love Conner, but I find being with you...” I said unable to find the right word.

"I know" he smiled his goofy grin that I came to adore so much, since the day I met him.

"I don't want to repeat what happened back then even though you’re not married to my mother anymore" I said sadly, glancing at him, all the while he was staring at me knowingly, “I don't want to do that to Conner, please understand"

"I do Jessica, it’s just hard but I promise that I won’t do anything you don't want me to" he smirks and a laugh escaped my lips

"Don’t get your hopes up" I smiled

"Friends?" he out-stretched his hand


"But with benefits” he whispered the last part so silently that I almost didn't hear it.

"No" I laughed

“At least I gave it a try" he says smiling.

We took in our surroundings and noticed we were at the park. I glanced at him from the corner of my eye and caught him smiling at me knowingly. I laughed and took off to the playground, which was thankfully empty. Josh chased after me and we began to play like little kids. This is one thing I like about Josh, he doesn't act his age like me most times  and we have a good time.

-Several Minutes Later

"Man I'm tired" I laugh and sink into the cool grass.

"Me too" he says as he lies down next to me.

We lay silently in the cool grass, gazing up at the blue sky, the bird chirping, the cool breeze blowing and the sun shining down at us. I moved to lie on my side and watch Josh who is smiling to himself, eyes closed.

"What are you thinking about?" I ask, curiosity burning.

At the sound of my voice, he smiles wider and opens his eyes. He positions himself just like me and looks me straight in the eyes " just that I'm here with most beautiful girl in the world and how I would never traded it for anything" he says seductively " how just one kiss from those lips can drive a man insane" he brushed my face with his fingertips delicately " how beautiful your blue eyes shine"

I feel a blush creep up "how beautiful and radiant you look when you blush" he speaks softer, brushing a lose strand of hair out of my face.

"Josh" I blush more, smiling like a fool.

"What?' he smiles adoringly at me.

"Stop playing" I laugh and nudge him playfully.

"Baby doll, I'm not playing, you’re beautiful" he whispered against my lips.

At his closeness, his minty breathe hovering over my lips, I couldn't think straight and closed my eyes as I felt him move closer. "Josh?" I said breathlessly

"Yes?" his lips so close to mine.

I didn't say anything, just took at breath and smiled my eyes closed.

"I love you" he whispers into my ear, pecking my cheek.

When those words left his mouth, I snapped back into reality and thought of Conner. I opened my eyes and jumped up in alarm, realizing I was just moments away from kissing Josh again.

"You alright?" he asks worried, standing close to me. I closed my eyes and I couldn't think straight. The proximity of his closeness, bringing warmth through me as I felt it radiating off of him even more when he touched my arm.

I couldn't resist the temptation any longer; I guess he was thinking the exact thing because the next thing I knew, his lips were on mine. Caressing them with such sweetness and passion. It was so wrong but felt so right. Slowly he twined his arms around my waist, pulling me closer. Chest to chest. One hand caressing the side on my face, the other securely holding me in place. Mine easily twined around his neck, deepening the kiss. It seem liked nothing else matter but just the two of us. The sun kissing our kiss, the cool breeze blowing us together, and the peacefulness of the day making it all the better. But as they say nothing last forever and it’s true. The sound of a flash broke us apart breathless and flustered.

"You guys are just the cutest couple" I heard, although I didn't pay attention to the person as Josh's and mine eyes we locked on each other. Smiling; brighten our features. Then there's another flash, this second one brought reality back in place and I knew this was wrong. I frowned at Josh and he understood, just realizing we were taken pictures of kissing, I began to freak. What if somebody sees them. I could see Josh thought the same thing as we both snapped our vision off each other and looked for the person, who apparently disappeared.


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