Part 21

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Part 21

It’s not even night yet, still I lie in bed content. The curtains drawn closed darkening my room. Cuddling closer to Conner as we gaze into each other's eyes.

"Do you think this will last?" I ask him, dropping my gaze down to our intertwined hands.

"Why wouldn't it? I sure don't want it to end" he says sweetly and I glance up at him, smiling warmly at me.

"Me either" I reply, looking back at our hands, playing with his fingers.

"Is everything alright?" he asks, suddenly worried, bringing my chin up so he can see my face.

"Yeah, it’s just that everything seems too good to be true, and things happened so fast"

He looks sincerely at me with such love and adoration radiating through his features “you shouldn't worry about it, and I know for one thing that I'm glad things happened fast" he chuckles.

"Yeah why would that be" I laugh quietly

"Because if they didn't we would be here right now" he says pecking my cheek.

'That’s true" I smile

"Jessica there's something I have to tell you" he say worried.

"What is it? You don't have another girlfriend or something" I ask now worried.

He chuckles at my reaction “no such thing “he smiles reassuringly “I only want you"

"Okay, then what is it" I smile, returning my gaze to our interlocked hands.

"I'm leaving" he says quietly.

"What? Why? When?" I ask, looking panicked up at him.

He chuckles

“Conner this is not funny" I say sadly, pushing him slightly.

“I’m sorry babe, you just looked so cute" he smiles, wrapping his arms around me.

I pout slightly annoyed and he pecks my lips “better" he smiles

“No" he smiles and softly trails kissing along my collarbone.

“Conner, why are you leaving" I mummer, as he hot breathe trails on my skin,

“Remember when I said that I was just visiting my dad for a while"


“That’s just it; I was visiting for a while. I wasn't planning on falling in love with a beautiful young woman “he smiles sweetly

“So what?'

“I’m sorry Jessica I should have told you sooner, I'm in the marines and I was visiting my dad until I had to go back" he frowns.

“When do you leave?" I ask not showing how I am slow dying inside. Having just found the love of my life to find out his leaving.

“In two days" he says, holding onto me tighter. “Jessica?' he asks, caressing the side of my face lovingly.

“How long will you be gone?"

"Six months" he whispers, letting go of me.

At that moment of weakness, not having his hold on me to keep the river from flowing. A tear slips followed by another.

“don’t cry angel" he mummer softy, kissing my tears away.

" I can’t believe that you’re going to be away for so long, Conner I don't know how can I live without you here by my side" I say honestly, turning to face him with misty eyes.

“Don’t say that" he says sadly

“how can I not when I love you and I'm not going to see you for so long" I cling to him and he holds me tight, keeping me from breaking down.

“Jessica nothing is going to change. I will still love you and I will be back for you"

"Promise?’I say still holding onto him

"I promise" he says, pulling away from me, to see me face. “I love you"

"I love you' and the moment drags us in, our lips colliding and devouring one another with all we could give

I pull away, needing to breathe, and smile up at him. “Six months is a long time"

"I know"

 “A lot can happen"

"I know" he says sadly “will you still be here for me when I came back?”

"Always" I smile warmly at him. “It’s going to be hard without you here, I've become too attached."

"You can live without me; you were doing it before I came along"

"It’s different now" I say sadly.

"Nothing has changed except for the fact that you’re not alone" he smiles “let’s not think about this now and just enjoy one another's company"

“your right" I say content, snuggling up to him, his arm draped around me loving.


2 Days Later

"Goodbye Conner'" I hug him as tight as I could just as him. I pull back slightly and smile loving at him. “I’m going to miss you"

 “Not as much as I am" he smiles, kissing me fully with such passion that I have to pull back at loss of breathe.

I laugh "it’s not as if you’re never going to see me”

“I know but it’s going to be a long time until I can feel you"

At the comment I blush and he chuckles “shut up, did I tell you that you look hot in uniform"

"Psh I look better than hot" he jokes, pulling me closer to him.

“don’t get all big-headed on me" I joke

He smiles faintly at me “well I should get going" he says sadly

“Yeah" I say, the full effect hitting me like a rock. I take a deep breath " have a safe trip and don't forget about me' I say sadly

"Wouldn’t dream of it" he smiles

"Okay" I smile and kiss him once more. Our eyes connected, letting the moment last longer.


"Bye" he breathes, turning away to his car.

"Wait!' yells my mom, running out the door, followed by my dad.

"Yeah?" Conner stops

"I just wanted to say bye" my mom smiles and I laugh

"Oh okay" Conner smiles and walks up to my mom, giving her a hug

"You’re a good boy, Conner. Take care of yourself"

"Thanks, I will"

"Well Conner, as my lady here says, you're a good boy and I hope you have a safe trip" my dad pats him on the back and Conner smiles, giving him a manly hug.

"Bye everyone" Conner waves, getting into his car. “I love you Jessica!" he shouts, driving off.

“I love you Conner!" I yell after him. My dad slinging his arm over my shoulder.

“he’ll be back don't worry" my dad soothes me, as I realize I'm crying.

I nod and my mom hugs me, walking us back into the house


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