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Today is the day that my mom's remarrying; I still cannot wrap my finger around it let alone believe it. I guess a huge reason could be that I hardly know the guy. For freaks sake I just meet him yesterday. Mom just comes home all happy out of the blue one day and announces her boyfriend proposed. And I'm like what!!! This is followed by a frown. Just so you know I haven't met any one of my mother's boyfriends; especially this one. I don't know how it’s possible that I never meet him before, but then again she's never really home and now thinking of it he is probably the reason. So at least she knows him well enough to want to marry him right? All I know is that they have been seeing each other for a year. In my opinion I think a year is too short, I mean come on she still barely knows the guy. Anyways my mom kept it a secret until now; I don't know why though I wouldn't have objective. Of course I always thought that her and my dad would get back together doesn't every teen.

***The Day Before The Wedding ***

It’s a quarter to two and I’m lying in bed listening to my favorite song, when out of nowhere my mother practically jumps on me saying she's getting married tomorrow. You can just picture the shock on my face.

"What tomorrow!' I shout as I find myself gathering words.

"Yes, look, um...we’ve been planning this for a while now and tomorrow is the big day" She tells me, smiling eagerly.

"Mom, how could you just tell me this now, I'm your daughter. You can’t just spring this on me!" I say exclaim.

"I know sweetie and I'm so sorry but Josh wanted to keep it a secret until today so it could be a big surprise that we were getting married tomorrow" she replies with a small smile.

"Mom" I say feeling a little distraught “but I'm your daughter"

"Yes I know that honey and I'm so sorry will you please forgive me?" she begs, pouting.

At that face I can’t help but just laugh "I'm still mad at you but okay" just like that and we hug “so when do I meet this mystery man “she just smiles.

"Today we have brunch so go get ready" she offers another bright smile and practically bounces out my room. Truly I’m thrilled that she seems so happy, I just hope this guy doesn't break her heart.

-1 hour later

I make my way down stairs dressed casually in some grey skinnys, white v- neck long sleeve shirt, converse and my hair in a pony tail. I grab my bag and go off to meet my mom.

"Ready?" I ask, checking to make sure I have everything.

"Yup, let’s go" she says all giggly and making it impossible to not smile.


We arrive at this beautiful little café, its looks so cozy and comfortable; I smile as I walk in with my mom. We walk over to this cute little table by the window, out looking the street, waiting .We order some warm cups of hot chocolate. Every once in a while I look to the door waiting to see this mystery man. I smile widely as I see this hot, tall guy walking in. He has a cute boyish grin on his face. I smile shyly at him and see him smiling as he makes his way over. Oh my god, he is coming over to talk to me. I stop short when I hear my mom.

"Hi honey" and she pecks his lip “this is my daughter Jessica" she says motioning towards me and my heart sinks, this is him. How did my mom get so lucky? I put on a fake smile as he introduces himself.

"Hello Jessica, I'm Josh" he smiles as he extends a hand and I shiver at his touch. He doesn't notice though and I breathe a sigh of relief. Nervously I grip my cup tighter and take a drink.

“He’s a looker huh Jess” my mother says smiling at Josh.

“Sure is mom, how ever did you meet him?” I reply with fake enthusiasm.

“You’ll never guess” she says smiling, holding Josh’s hand tight as he just beams at her. “I met him at the gym.”

“But mom you don’t go to the gym”

“I did at first that’s how I met him” she elbows him slightly in the rib.

He just chuckles, “yup, she was on some machine and I had to go over and show her how it’s done. I didn’t want anyone getting hurt.” He says amusingly.

“That’s very nice you “I reply grimly, sipping my hot chocolate.

I can’t believe I’m actually thinking this but I’m jealous of my mom!

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