part 24 Alive pt1

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Part 24: Alive (pt 1)

"Hello Lovely!" I hear someone's voice booms into my ear.

"What the f-!" I yell and push against a muscular chuckles.

A rumble of laughter erupts into the room. I creak my eyes open and find a smirking Josh gazing down at me.

"Well good morning" he smiles, sitting on the edge of my bed.

"Ugh, Josh what are you doing here so early" I whine, covering my facing with the comforter.

"Well its noon already" he chuckles

"What?" I ask, throwing the blankets off my chest. But immediately recover them as I realize I'm in shorts and white tank.

He smirks at me "what are you doing in my room? And why are you here?" I ask annoyed.

"Your mom sent me, she had to go out for a second and I was wondering if you wanted to do something"


He shushes me "just as friends"

I smile "thanks"


"Sure, just let me get dressed" I smile and get up but he doesn't move.

"What?" he smirks.

"Out" I point to the door, with a smile

"Aw can’t I stay" he whines like a child

‘No" I laugh

“Fine" he pouts and walks out the door. I slam the door shut, laughing. That boy.

I throw my hair up into a pony tail and change into some light jean and yellow halter. Lightly apply my makeup and spray my perfume and deodorize.

"Ready" I call downstairs and rush out.

"Finally, I thought I would be waiting forever" he jokes, opening the door.

"Ha-ha I just might" I joke and walk out as he sends me a smile, running to open my door.

"Ladies first"

"Oh what a gentlemen" I laugh and get in.

"It’s in my nature" he jokes, starting the car.

"Where to?"

"I thought we could go rollerblading." he smiles at me.

"Um... Yeah sure. Haven't gone in a while though"

"Don’t worry I'll catch you if you fall" he chuckles. 

That's what I'm afraid of. I just smile at him and look at the road.

10 minutes later we arrive. Josh pays and we enter the building. It looks amazing and a bit retro. The skating floor filled with couples skating in the dark with flashing colorful lights.

“nice huh" Josh comments, slipping on his skates.

"Yeah" I comment and slip mine on.

"Ready?" he asks, standing with ease. Hand extended.

"Um.. I think I'm going to try and stand myself" I smile and he scoots back a little giving me space.

As I try and stand, I don't pay attention and almost slip until I grab onto Josh’s arm, luckily he stood near.

He smiles down at me "need help"

"Just a little" I laugh.

He smiles at me and helps me to the rink. Once my feet hit the floor, in eager position to get slightly away from him. I try and take off but the floor surprises me and I am about to fall until I feel two strong away around my waist.

"Steady there" he chuckles and I smile slight at him.


"Maybe you should stay close until you get the hang of it"

"Uh huh" 

He holds one of my hands and the other easily winds around my waist. I look up at him and catch him looking back at me. "Josh"

"Jessica I'm just trying to help" he smiles

"Thanks" I smile back at him and look forward taking baby steps to long strides across the floor. Soon enough I find myself having fun. Laughing and twirling with josh across the floor. We engage in the rink games. Which are actually pretty fun? After a while I think I can try on my own.

"I think I got the hang of it now" I laugh and try to remove myself from his grip.

"You sure, I wouldn't want you to fall" he jokes, still holding me.

"Josh I think I can after the games" I smile and he laughs, slightly letting go.

"Okay, I'll be right behind you"

"Oh what a nice thought" I joke and skate across the floor. As the speed kicks up, it begins a game of tag. This is actually pretty fun, hanging out with Josh. I never knew he could be such fun.

"Jessica" he calls across the rink. I just laugh to myself and skate further away from his sight.

I go around, casually hiding behind a couple skating.

"Found you" I hear a laughing voice. And quickly turn around and grab on his hand as I lose balance and we both go crashing to the floor. He quickly turns us to he hits the floor first and me on top of him. We erupt into laughter as we finally hit the floor hard.

“Ow" he complains and I laugh harder.

"What a cults" I joke and gaze down into his eyes.

'Look who's talking" he laughs and looks at me.

There in the moment, when our eyes locked, we were lost in the moment. So lost that I didn't even have a clue that we're kissing until, I hear the guy over the loud speaker rooting. I immediately pull back shocked and see a flash. Oh no.

“Jessica" I hear Josh's worried voice, as I quickly skate out the rink. Running to deposit the skates and picking up my shoes, sprinting to the door.

"Jessica!" I hear him yell and look back to see him sprinting after me, shoes in hand.

I shake my head running out the door, to the bright sun.


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