part 16 :

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 Part 16:

It's a new day, and I feel so happy. Because today my dad is here. And I can’t wait to catch up with him.

"Doll, time to get up for school" my dad says, knocking on my door before walking in.

"I know" I smile, “it’s so nice to have you here"

"I like it too, although it’s kind of weird with Josh here" he jokes pointing to outside the door.

"Tell me about it" I laugh.

"Alright, I'll let you get ready"

"Alright' I say and close the door behind him.

Since I'm in such a good mood, I dress in a bright yellow top, with white shorts and my yellow converse. I let my hair flow down. And add light make up. I quickly brush my teeth, and apply some lip gloss, grabbing my bag and skipping downstairs.

"You look beautiful, darling" my mom says serving my dad's breakfast, while Josh stares at his food mad until his eyes meet mine and he smiles.

'Of course she does. She is my daughter after all' dad jokes.

"Oh, shut up" my mom laughs. I never seen her so happy, I can tell Josh doesn't like it. It kind of hurts, but it’s for the best. I'm with Conner and my mom is his wife.

I smile before walking over and pecking both my mom and dad on the cheek.

"I'll see you too later" I say and turn

"Wait, why don't I give you a left" my dad smiles, then the door bells rings.

"I'll get it" I say and answer the door, to a fresh out of bed Conner, he looks even hotter when he just woke up.

"Hey babe" he says in a husky voice that sends shiver up my spine; pecking my lips," thought I'll take you to school" he say running a hand through his hair.

"Who’s at the door?" my dad asks walking into view.

"Its Conner, he's taking me to school. Maybe another time" I smile at him.

"Oh, if you want to take her its fine" Conner says immediately.

"it’s alright, I see, you woke up early just to take her" my dad laughs, taking in his appearance as I smile at him.

Conner smiles wearily, putting an arm around my waist. I see Josh look around the corner, staring at me. Making me feel like a cheater. When I'm not the one who's cheating technically.

"Have a good day at school" my dad smiles, " and take care of her" he says to Conner.

"Will do" Conner says and leads me to the car.

"I think he likes you" I say getting into the car.

"Really? I hope he does, because I sure as hell like his daughter" he smiles kissing me.

"I can say the same about you" I smile against his lips pulling away. He smiles at me, pulling out.

"Really?' he asks hopefully

"Of course dummy, you make it hard not too" I laugh, well he keeps on driving.

"I'm glad" he says and stares at me sincerely before putting his attention back on the road. I feel my cheeks grow pink. ‘Oh and by the way. I love your outfit" he winks.

"Shut up' I laugh.

"We’re here?" he smiles and runs out the door, opening mine.

"Conner, you’re so cute" I smile at him. Getting out, wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Cute?" he frowns "I was hoping for hot" he smirks.

I smile at him, before pulling his lips down to mine I could no longer resist the temptation. He arms snake around my waist, pulling me tighter against his body, heating us up. I run my hands through his hair, kissing him with such want.

"You go girl" I hear people shout. And I pull away from a flustered Conner, smiling.

 "Wasn’t expecting that" he smiles, his lips hovering an inch above mine.

"I'm sorry, but you’re too much to resist, especially when you look like this" I say seductively.

He looks shocked at first but hides, it with a glint that crosses his eyes and he lights up " maybe I should dress like this every time I see you" he winks pecking me quickly.

"Not in public, I don't like it when other girls look at you" I frown.

"You don't have nothing to worry, I'm all yours" he say sincerely, staring deeply into my eyes.

"Good, because I think I love you, Conner" I whisper against his lips and I feel him tense up.

Wait did I just say that out loud.

"Conner-" I start but am cut off by his lips.

"I think I love you too, Jessica" he smiles pulling away. I smile back at him shyly.

"Jessica, will you be my girlfriend for real?" he asks still holding me.

"Josh wouldn't like it" I say suddenly remembering him.

"Forget him, Jessica. He's married and it’s not right" he says with a glint of angrier in his eyes.

I rest a hand on his cheek and he calms down.

"I would love to be your girlfriend" I whisper into his ear, my breathe traveling down his neck, I'm guessing since I feel him shiver.

‘Great’ he says before taking my mouth captive.

This feels right. I say to myself, as I kiss him back.


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