Part 14 :

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Part 14: Forgive Me

My next two periods were hell. Tyler would send me death glares and girls keeps asking me “is it true? You left Tyler for that guy you were with" and much worst. I just wanted to fall into hole and perish. I hate myself for what I did to Tyler. And I hate myself for what I'm becoming. I never would have thought I would do half the things I did, it wasn't me or isn't me. But what's done is done and now I have to try and live through the pain. I can’t stand this feeling inside that is killing me slowly. Every time I glance at Tyler, all I see is a cold stone. Where did the love go, the passion, the light, and the happiness that once filled his soul. When the bell finally rings for break, I feel a slight weight lifted off my shoulder. I stand and slowly walk to the door, balancing my books in my hand. As I make my way to my locker, someone shoves me slightly causing me to lose my grip, causing my books to go crashing on the floor.

"You should really watch were you’re walking" I hear someone say in a cold tone. I go down on knees and pick up my books, slightly taking a look at who it was, Tyler. I feel my eyes mist as watch his retreating figure. I gather my books and shove them into my locker.

"Hey babe, you okay?" I hear a soft voice and turn misty eyes towards Conner.

"I don't think so" I say in a hushed tone and he wraps his arms around me, comforting me in a time needed.

"I'm sorry, but you’re not alone" he whispers and moves his hand to my waist walking me to the parking lot.

"Thanks" I say snuggling closer to him.

“I saw this little café near here, let's go check it out huh" he smiles.

"Sure" I smile back at him and look straight head to see Tyler staring at me with hurt/ angry eyes. I quickly turn my head into Conner's side and feel his arm tighten around me.

"Don’t worry, I'm here" with those comforting words, I look up and meet his loving gaze, turning to see Tyler walking straight at me. I look to Conner, who is set in place standing his ground.

"Hope your happy" he says in the coldest tone I have ever heard to Conner.

"Actually, I am”, Conner replies securing his hold on me. I see Tyler gaze drift to Conner's arms around me, making a painful face.

"I'm sorry, Tyler" I say in a soft voice, eyes mist. I try to reach out to him but he takes a step back.

"Don’t touch me, I don't need an STDs," he says in a hurtful tone to me.

"Tyler, you know I'm a virgin"

"Do I?, you've changed so much" he says in the same tone. A tear slips down my face and I see Tyler's eyes mist from angrier and hurt.

"I’m still Jessica"

"I don't believe that, you are someone else. I can’t even look at you anymore" he turns away and I grab his hand, he looks back at me with no emotion.

"Don’t touch me," he sneers.

"Tyler, don't be like this. Don't throw away years of friendship of memories" I cry and I feel Conner's arms loosen.

'I didn’t, you did" he says turn back.

"Please forgive me, Tyler. You don't know how much this is killing me. Tyler I'm sorry that I couldn't love you like you deserve. I'm sorry that I broke your heart. I'm sorry for all that I have done. I'm a horrible person and I know that. But Tyler you mean the world to me and I care deeply about you. I don't want to lose you again"

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