Part 27 : Its not the same

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P.S im leaving Conner to your imagination cause they way I picture him to be , well there is no photo to cover it ha-ha

Part 27: It’s Not The Same

Conner’s P.O.V

Today I’m coming home. I thought this day would be one of the happiest but it’s the saddest. So many things happened. My heart is broken and I have to break up with Jessica today. I don’t know how I’m going to do it. I never thought that she would do this to me. I really love Jessica and in the short time I spent with her, I fell in love and hard. Maybe it happened too fast, maybe I drove her into Josh’s arms. Just thinking of them together and the pictures, I can’t help the tears that fall. I guess I was stupid to fall for a girl Josh wanted. Same thing happened the last time. I feel in love and he took her too. Why did I think things could ever be different with Jessica? But the difference is Jessica is different. The way she is, how beautiful she looks when she not even trying, I’m going to miss her, but this is for the best. She doesn’t love me. And as they say if you really love something let them go, this just might hurt too much though, but I can’t be with her when she wants him.

I take a deep breath and knock on her door. I hear laughing on the other side. Slowly the door opens, the room is a mess, feathers are scattered everywhere. The door opens to a surprised Jessica.

“ Conner” she smiles and tries to hug me , but I push her away and speak to her in a cold voice “Jessica we need to talk” I say, in pain as I watch her look at me confused. Her blue eyes drawing me in. I look away from her.

She is making this hard. Deep breathes Conner.


“Jessica we need to talk” Conner said in a low voice, his head cast down, hiding his face and slight pain.

“Conner” I whisper and creep next to him, slowly inching my hand to his face.

His reaction is fast as he rejects my touch, looking everywhere but me. I can’t help but feel a pang inside of me.

 “What’s wrong” I whisper to him, trying to get close but he doesn’t allow me.

“Alone” he said in a deep voice.

I looked around a Josh, who was watching with a confused expression.

 ”let’s go in front then” I said in a hush tone, trying to take his hand, but he withdraws it from my touch, opening the door.

I take one last look at Josh, who’s holding a destroyed pillow eyeing me with sadness.


“Coming’ I gave Josh a weak smile and closed the front door.

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