part 13:

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Part 13: Tyler </3

I wake up to the morning sun streaming through my windows. Great it’s Monday, I hate Monday. Especially now since me and Tyler are over. I just know that school is going to be hell. Tyler and I have practically all are classes together and we share a locker. I wish that I never got involved with him that way, now everything is screwed up. I lost my best friend, and this time probably forever. I don't blame him, I broke his heart. I played him when I didn't even know I was. I throw the covers off my bed and stumble my way into the closet. I decide to wear Tyler's favorite dress. Maybe when he sees me in it, he will see that I'm sorry and smile and things can go back to the way they were. The dress itself is beautiful and Tyler always complained that I didn't wear it enough. He said that it complemented my eyes perfectly. I wore flats and let my hair down in light loose curls. I grabbed my bag and walked down stairs. Finding my mom and Josh seated at the table drinking coffee.

"Oh, honey you look beautiful”, my mother says taking in my full appearance.

"Thanks mom" I smile and peck her cheek.

"Yeah, Jessica you look good" Josh winks and I smile.

"What are you so dressed up for?" my mother asks taking a sip from her coffee watching me.

"This is for Tyler" I say motioning the dress.

“All this for Tyler, but sweetie you’re with Conner that would look bad," my mother frowns.

"I know mom, it’s just this is Tyler's favorite dress, and I want him to forgive me and I know that he will be happy to see me in it" I smile.

My mother faintly chuckles as Josh frowns, "okay sweetie, have a good day" she smiles and I give her a hug.

"thanks, bye mom, Josh" I wave and skip out the door into my car to school.

I pull into the parking lot and walk out, smiling that is until I get to my locker and see a bunch of girls surrounding Tyler at our locker. He must of told them, and now he's trying to make me jealous. Well that isn't going to happen. I tell myself and walk straight to my locker.

"Excuse me, some of us actually want to learn" I say harshly and they move flipping their hair at me. I slightly see Tyler grin as they move.

I open my locker and pretend he's not there talking to a girl. She's pretty. I close my locker door loudly and he looks at me, for a second he looks straight at me, then down to what I'm wearing. He's eyes turn cold.

"What are you wearing?" he says harshly.

"A dress" I say nonchalantly.

"Ha-ha, take it off" he says in the same tone. By this time the girl leaves.

"No" I say and take a step up to him.

"Now" he urges taking my wrist harshly," that dress belongs to a girl I love, not some whore" he says coldly and I feel my eyes mist.

"Tyler, you’re hurting me” I say a tears falling.

"Good, just like you hurt me, but far worse" he says and drops my wrist walking away.

I run into the girl’s bathroom and lock myself in a stall, crying. He hates me. He really hates me. I cry harder into my hands until I feel my phone vibrate, the screen reads Conner.

"Hello?" I answer in a shaky voice.

"Jessica, are you okay?" he ask concerned.

"Yeah, I'm fine" I wipe my eyes.

"No you’re not, your crying" he says.

“It’s nothing" I tell him and feel more tears fall.

"Where are you?"

"The girls bathroom at school" I sniffle and the line goes dead. I throw my phone in my bag and let the tears flow. I did this to myself.

I stop when I hear a girl say “you can’t go in there" and I hear a door slam shut. Then the stall door bursts open and there stands Conner with a panicked look in nothing but shorts and a tank top. Showing off his perfection.

"What happened?" he says taking me in his arms, after taking in my appearance,

"He hates me," I cry into his shoulder and he holds me tighter.

"It’s okay baby, everything will be fine."

"You don't get it, he HATES ME,' I sob into his shoulder and he pulls back a little to examine my face. His hand caresses my cheek and wipes my fallen tears looking straight into my eyes. 

"He wouldn't ever hate you Jessica, he loves you he's just hurt. Please don't cry, its hurts to see you in pain" he mummers holding me to his chest again.

I give a little laugh "your wrong Conner, but thank you. I don't deserve to have a guy like you" I say and pull back to look at his sorrowful eyes.

"You’re wrong; you deserve nothing but the best. Your just confused right now' he whispers to me and kisses me lightly on the lips.

"You’re the best" I smile

"I know" he smirks” now clean your face, it isn't the hottest look on you" he chuckles.

"Shut up" I say and playfully hit him as I see my face. He was right; my makeup is a mess. I quickly wash my face and touch up my makeup," better" I say to him as he looks at me through the mirror.

"Much" he smiles and wraps his arms around my waist.

"Thanks, for coming"

"Anytime" he replies and I smile back at him.

"We should get going, before you get into trouble"

"Your right" he smiles and takes my hand leading me outside. When we come out hand and hand, there are many glares thrown at me. I look up at Conner and see him smiling down at me.

“You should go, I don't need any more hostility"

"Alright, but I'll pick you up for lunch" he smiles.

"Sure" I reply and he turns me around by my waist and lays a kiss upon my lips.

"Bye babe" he smirks and I laugh as his figure retreats.

"I was right" I hear a cold voice and turn to see and upset Tyler.

"Tyler, I-"

"Save it Jessica, we’re through" and he turns.

"Tyler wait"

"I'm done waiting" is the last thing I hear before the bells rings and people rush in the hall getting to class.

"I'm sorry" I whisper and walk into class as the halls clear.


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