part 23

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Part 23: Wedding Cake

I don't know how my life can get any worse. First my boyfriend leaves for six months when I realize that I love him, my best friend takes off with his family, and now Josh is back. This is going to be one hell of a summer, that's for sure. I walk into my closet and pull on a pair of sweats and tank top. I throw my hair up into a ponytail, deodorizing myself before going back downstairs. Lazily I trot down the stairs and walk into the kitchen for a snack.

“hey sweetie, want to help?" my mom asks from the kitchen table; Josh grinning.

“Isn’t that why Josh is here"

“Come on sweetie" she smiles

“Fine" I go and sit opposite of Josh, "where's dad?" I ask, glancing at Josh.

"Out of town for a while" she says, flipping through a wedding magazine.

"Huh, does he know about this?"

"Of course"

"And he's fine with it?"

"Why wouldn't he be?" she asks clueless


She laughs “sweetie, its okay.”

"If you say so" I grab a book, and look for a cake. "So when do we go cake tasting,” I smile looking at all the delicious cakes.

She laughs at my enthusiasm "well I don't know"

"When’s the wedding?" I ask, looking at more.

"This summer, in July"


“What’s wrong?"

“You’re going to get married and Conner's not even going to be here"

“I’m sorry sweetie, but your father and I found this great place and they were having a special"

"Your cheap mom" I joke

"I know" she laughs

"So who's going to be my partner, if Conner isn't here" I pout.

She smiles and I look at Josh who grins "I would love to"

"Oh, how great" I say sarcastically. Flicking back the pages.

"Oh I just remembered"


"Do you mind picking out the cake, I mean you know what I like, your my daughter after all” she jokes

"Why can’t you do it?"

"Because I have millions of other things to do and I want you to pick something" she smiles

"Thanks mom"

"I can take you" Josh offers.

"I think I can manage"

My mom gives me a look "but if you insist" I give him a fake smile.

"I insist"

"Great, well that's settled. So you guys can do that now, well I book the ballroom.” she smiles


"Yeah, it takes time for these things" she laughs

"Come on Jessica" Josh smiles, standing up, his hand held out.

I give him a fake smile and stand on my own " be nice' my mom whispers

I stick my tongue out at her and walk to the door.

"You’re going out dressed like that" Josh smiles

"What’s wrong with what I'm wearing?"

"Nothing, you look adorable” he grins

"Shut it Josh" I push past him and walk to his car, waiting for him to unlock the door.

His chuckles and unlocks the car and I get in, slamming the door.

"Don’t take it out on my car" he jokes

I grimace at him and turn up the radio.

"Okay" he laughs and starts driving.

Thankfully, he doesn't say a word. And I began to calm down and enjoy the silence. Letting my eyes drift closed and smile as a picture of me and Conner comes to mind. I miss him so much. It’s hard to be away from him, this long.

"Are you alright?" Josh asks, lowering the radio.

"I just miss Conner" I say sincerely

He stays quiet for a moment and I open my eyes to catch him looking at me meaningfully. ‘You really love him, don't you'

My eyes, start to mist as I think of our memories. “I do" I smile sadly.

Suddenly the car comes to a halt and he pulls me to him, comforting me a tears slowly leak from my eyes. No words are spoken as he holds me to him. Soothing me, rubbing my back. “I’m sorry. If you really love him, I'll stop. I really just want nothing but to see you happy. Of course I would like it to be me instead" he chuckles and I pull away from him, flashing him a warm smile.


"But I won’t stop feeling the way I do about you, so know that I'm here whenever you need somebody, for anything" he winks

"Gross' I laugh playfully hit him. “Okay let’s go"

'We’re here" he laughs and runs around the car opening my door “ready?"

"I guess" I smile and we lock arms like old friends and make our ways to the cake shop.

"May I help you" a pretty young lady asks, smiling at Josh in particular. He just chuckles beside me.

"We’re looking for a wedding cake" I smile and walk around the shop, Josh close to me.

"You guys are getting married? Congratulations, you make a cute couple" she smiles genuinely at us.

'Thanks, I know" Josh joke, wrapping his arms around my waist.

I laugh and push him away “no, he's already divorce “I point to Josh, “and my boyfriends overseas" I laugh

"Oh, then the cake?"

"My mother"

"Oh, okay then" she smiles, understandingly giving flirty glances at Josh.

We pick out the cake and order it. I can’t deny the slight jealousy and amusement when the girl slips Josh a piece of paper. I act as if I didn't notice and walk out to the car.

"Why did you tell her I was divorce?"

"I don't know, some girls like that" I joke

"No kidding" he laughs, showing the piece of paper with her number.

It kind of hurts, that he got a girl's number so quickly " don't worry you’re the only girl for me " he grins, pecking my cheek.

Yeah right" I laugh and push him away.

He chuckles and starts the car.


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