Part 17

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Part 17: its because of you

I feel like I’m walking on a cloud. All I feel is pure bliss, as Conner's arms hold me securely in place, caressing me. I love this feeling.

"Thank you Conner," I mummer against his lips, needing a much need breather.

"For what?"

"For being you" I smile and rest my forehead on chest, smiling at him.

"I should be thanking you" he grins

"For what?" I laugh, intently staring at him.

"For showing me that I can love" he smiles.

I blush at the comment and look down.

"You look gorgeous when you blush; I love it" he kisses my cheek and I look up at him.

"What else do you love?" I ask sincerely, raking my hand through his hair as he does the same staring into my eyes

"What don't I love is more the question?" he laughs.

"What-" I'm about to ask when he pecks me.

"Nothing" he says and I smile up at him.

 ‘I'm glad I meet you" I say and hold him closer to me.

"Me too, baby" he whispers into my ear, holding me.

We stay like that for a good while, enjoying the feeling of being in one another's arms, with the sun lightly shining down on us.

"I hate to break the love fest, but we should get to class" Tyler says annoyed.

"Sorry" I mumble and let go of Conner slightly, but he keeps his hold on me so I can’t fully detach myself.

"Conner" I look up at him and find him and Tyler glaring at each other. I push myself out of Conner's arms, and he finally looks down at me.

"Look, Conner I love you and all but I love Tyler too. And I just want the two people I love to get along" I say and look sternly at both of them, Conner smiles at me while Tyler looks slightly hurt. At the mention of loving Conner.

"You love him?" he asks in a small but mad tone.

"Of course she does, and I love her" Conner replies snaking his arm back around me, I glare at him annoyed. He is not helping.

"Tyler, I love you, you know that."

 I guess"

"No, I guess. I do love you but Conner is my boyfriend and I want you two to try and get along" I say pleading with him through my eyes.

"I can’t promise anything, but I can try" he sighs.

"Thanks" I smile and get out of Conner's grasp, hugging Tyler.

"You too?" I ask, facing Conner.

He smiles, taking me back into his arms pecking my cheek," whatever makes you happy"

"Good answer" I smile and he chuckles.

"Well, we have to go" Tyler says.

"Alright" I smile at him "can you turn around real fast"

"Why?" he asks “oh, okay, but quick" I smile at him sheepishly and quickly peck Conner, before he can pull me in. he chuckles

"Okay, babe, I can see you’re in a rush." he smiles “pick you up at break?"

I look at Tyler and back at Conner “can I just see you after school?" I smile nervously.

"Whatever you like" he smiles sexily.

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