part 11:

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Part 11: What did I get myself into....

It’s been a month since the awful break up between me and Tyler. I called him a million times and left him thousands of voicemails but he ignores it all. I feel like shit for what I did to him but if he only knew that I was protecting him from true heart break. I know that I can’t just blame Josh for this but it is my fault too. I fall into his trap and now I hurt my best friend that truly loved me. And hopefully still does. Tomorrow we go back to school, and I am anxious to see Tyler. We have a lot of classes together and to make it worse we sit together in all the class. I know it’s going to be hell tomorrow but I have no one to blame but myself. It’s a Sunday afternoon and I'm locked in my room, Josh has tried to make me feel better but I am not really in the mood. When I go downstairs I find Josh and Conner slumped on the couch watching football, typical. Conner has been over nearly all the time but I don't mind at all. Because when I'm in a good mood I love to have him around.

"Hey" I say sitting on the couch, laying my legs on Conner's lap and smiling.

"Hey, Jessica" he smiles warmly and rubs my legs. I take a sneak at Josh and see him tremble slightly. He doesn't like the fact when Conner shows me affection but he has to get used to it. If someday I decide to give the plan a try.

"Jessica, I think it's been enough time. We should tell Conner" Josh says in a demanding voice, I guess he's getting fed up with the fact of Conner constantly on me when I'm near. I smile at the though.

"About?" I ask innocently and he smiles.

"What’s going on?" Conner says amused.

"Dude, I have something to tell you, we'll we have something to tell you and you have to promise that you won’t say a word" Josh says looking directly into Conner's beautiful eyes that I have come to love.

"Okay dude I promise, what is it?" he asks interested, slightly glancing at me.

"Jessica and I are sort of together.."

"Your what?" he says astounded, now looking at me.

"Is it true?" he asks in a hurt/ confused tone.

I merely nod my head

"But how could you, she's your wife's daughter, your daughter" he states.

Josh stands "she is not my daughter, and I'm leaving her mother as soon as she's 18" he smiles at me.

Conner just stands there shocked, I get up and pull his head down so that's he's looking at me.

"Conner, I hate to do this to you, but Josh said that we should use you as a cover so no one will suspect anything" I say truthfully, and I feel him relax as his strongly yet delicate arms embrace me.

"I would do anything for you dear, and I promise that you will give up this absurd idea of being with your mother's husband" he whispers in my ear. His warm breathe trailing down my neck.

Suddenly I'm yanked out of his arms and into Josh's strong ones. I smile bemused.

"What did he say?" Josh says mad.

I smile at Conner and turn towards Josh " he says he'll do it" I breathe against him and feel him relax a bit.

"That’s great, and I don't want you touching her" Josh now says over me.

"She is my girlfriend now though" Conner says amused.

"Dude, no, she's mine and your just a cover get it through your head. I'm not doing this again' he whispers the last part and I see Conner frown.

"Okay, but in front of people I am supposed to appear as her boyfriend" he smiles secretively at me.

"Don’t take advantage of it" Josh says sternly.

Suddenly the door bursts open and I jump from Josh's arm into a grinning Conner. Josh looks torn but covers it up as he sees who it is.



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