part 22

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Part 22

Three Months Later

It’s been three lonely and hard months without my baby. I miss him so much. We write each other all the time but it just isn't the same as having him next to me, or talking to him on the phone, or texting him and getting a quick reply. It’s been hard and if Tyler wasn't as good of a friend as he is, I probably would be sulking at home. Tyler, my best friend, really cares. He comes over almost every day and takes me out or just comes around so I won’t be alone and sulk. At school it isn't much of a problem because I put all my attention on my work and I'm acing my classes now. But it’s going to be hard since today is the beginning of summer. I planned on spending time at the beach and stuff with Conner, but he's gone. And Tyler unfortunately is going on a vacation with his family and visiting distant cousins.

I lay on the couch in my pjs, flipping through the channels. When I hear the door bell ring.

“Mom, door" I yell, changing the TV.

“Can’t you get it?"

Ugh “fine"

“Thanks sweetie"

I fix my hair and walk to the door.

“Yeah?" I answer the door with a bored expression.

“hey Jessica" I hear a familiar voice say, and snap my attention to the visitor.

“Josh?" I ask stunned.

He flashes me a stunning smile “hey josh" my mom suddenly appears beside me smiling. “Come in"

"Thanks" he smiles and walks passed me.

"Mom can I talk to you for a bit"

"Sure" she smiles and josh walks over to the couch.

"What is he doing here?" I hiss

"Well we’re friends’ now-"

"What? But you guys just got a divorce"

She laughs faintly "sweetie, Josh helped me see that I still loved your father and Josh and I were always good friends. So what's the problem? So what we got divorced but that doesn't mean we can’t be friends"

"I guess"

She smiles and walks over to Josh.

"nice pjs " he whispers, making a shiver run up my spine.

Oh, no.

I rush upstairs and take a warm shower, to help calm my nerves and shock from seeing Josh. I let the warm water relax me. After a soothing shower, I dry off and blow-dry my hair. I wrap the towel around my waist and make my ways to my room when, I see Josh making his way up the stars. Before I can rush into my room, he spots me and smiles.

"Hey" he grins, walking closer to me, making me inch against the wall.

"Hey” I breathe, holding my towel tight against my body.

"Nice” he smiles, he eyes roaming my body.

"What are you doing up here?" I ask annoyed.

"Well I just came to use the bathroom" he whispers against my skin.

"Well the bathroom is that way" I point across the hall.

"Hmm" he grins at me.

"What do you want Josh?" I whisper in defeat, looking down.

He doesn't take it and puts a finger under my chin, making me look at him "where's lover boy?" he jokes

"He’s away" I say sadly

"Hmm....see he's no good for you. Look he left you all alone" he says, his fingers dancing against my bare skin.

“It’s his job" I take in a breath and close my eyes, slowly opening them.

"I wouldn't leave you" he says and I look up at him, ready to defend Conner. "Even for a job" he whispers against my lips, slowly inching forward.

I turn my head away, “Josh"

He smiles "I like that you’re trying to stay faithful" he chuckles.

"I love Conner"

I feel him tense up beside me "don't say that. It’s not true. You just think that" he smiles sweetly at me, kissing my bare shoulder.

"I don't think it, I know it" I say confident.

"Josh?!" I hear my mom call.

"Be down in a sec Anna!" he yells and turns back to me.

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm helping your mother plan her wedding" he smiles," so you won’t be getting rid of me easily" he smiles

 “I don't care what you try. I know that I love Conner"

"But you don't" he chuckles and steals a kiss, running downstairs.

As reflex, my hand flys to my lips. Oh please no. I rush into my room and lock the door shut behind me. I hold the door knob and breathe slowly. This can’t be happening. Not know.


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