part 18

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Author's note : Amazing power of editing, this piece went from being 13 pages to just 5 pages.

Part 18 : I'll Stand by You

As the bell rings, dismissing us I feel a slight thrill run through me. Only moments until I can be back in Conner's arms.

'Hey, Jess" Tyler smiles, slinging his arm over my shoulder.

"Hey Tyler" I smile and, we walk out to the front together.

"You sure you want to come"

"Of course, don't worry, I wont kick your boyfriend's ass" he jokes.

"Whatever" I laugh and see Conner leaning against the side of the car, girls admiring him from afar. I can’t say I blame them he looks like a god.

"Hey, babe" he smiles when he sees me.

"Hey-" I start but stop when I see his face. I run to him and hold his face carefully, as he wraps his arms around me. "What happened?" I ask, lightly brushing my hand over the forming bruise.

He winces slightly, “it’s nothing" he shrugs.

"Conner" I breathe and brush my fingertips over it "tell me"

"Jessica, it’s nothing. Really"

"Doesn't look like nothing" I hear Tyler cough and turn and frown at him "what?"

"Well, talk about this later" I say and he nods " oh, and Tyler’s going to come with us"

"Why?" Conner asks annoyed

"Don't be like that"

"Sorry" he smiles and pecks me on the cheek .

"He wants to see my dad, we better hurry. So we can talk"

He frowns but, reluctantly gets in the car. "Let's go"

"Come on Tyler" I wave him over and we all drive off silently.

When we arrive, Tyler rushes out the car. Conner, wraps his arms securely around my waist as we walk in. "are you okay?"


"You sure?"

"Jessica" he says taking hold of my face," I'm fine" he smiles, kissing me quickly as we walk in.

"If you say so” I mummer and he chuckles.

"Tyler, son, good to see you" my dad smiles.

"You too, Michael” Tyler responds, hugging him.

"It’s been too long"

“Tell me about it" Tyler laughs.

"Hey dad"

"Hey doll, Conner" he waves

"We’re going to talk, be down in a minute."

"Alright" he say and looks over at us as we walk up.

I open my bedroom door and let him in before I close it and lock it. Conner raises an eyebrow and smiles, patting the spot next to him on the bed.

I laugh and sit by him. He immediately takes me in his arms, and begins trailing kiss over my collarbone.

"Conner" I whisper.

"Yeah?" he replies, moving up to my lips.

"We need to talk" I smile and pull away from him. He slumps his shoulders but reluctantly turns to face me.


"Conner, please tell me what happened"

"Jessica, it’s not important"

"If you’re getting hurt, it is" I say seriously and cup his face, staring deeply into his eyes.

"I love you" he whispers and leans closer into me.

"I love you too"

"Josh knows about us and he wants to take you away from me " he says sadly, waiting for my reaction.

"Conner, you don't have to worry. I'll stand by you, I don't want to see you hurt, don't let Josh get into your head. He is the past now and you are my present" I smile.

"I know" he mummers into my lips, gently kissing me.

"So he really hit you?" I ask, now holding him.

"Yeah, but it’s not all his fault" he says and I look at him confused.

"Don't worry about it"

"You’re keeping secrets now" I say upset.

"No, it’s just what happened in the past and I don't want to remember it. Just now, this feeling, this love, being here with you"

I smile at him and we lay in bed, holding each other.

"We should go down"

"Yeah, we should" Conner frowns and I peck his cheek. "you’re cute"

"I thought we talked about this" he laughs, pulling me on top of him.

"Really? I don't remember" I smile, letting my hair fall to the side of my face, smirking at him.

"Maybe I should refresh your memory" he smirks.

"Maybe you should" I say in a seductive voice and he pulls my head down to him.

"Jessica!' I hear my dad.

"I think we really need to get down there' I laugh.

"That sucks, it was just getting good" he jokes and helps me up.

"Coming!" I call and we walk down the stairs hand in hand.

"Yeah?" I ask

"What was taking you to so long?" he asks, looking at us suspiciously.

"We were just talking" I smile and walk over to my dad , giving him a hug. And walking over to my mom.

"Michael, don't you remember what it was like to be young" she smiles at us.

"I do that why I ask"

'Anna?" I hear Josh.

 “In here" mom calls.

I turn and look at Josh, who is carrying a folder with him. "I'm sorry Anna" is all he says and walks towards us.

'I wasn’t joking" I hear him mutter in Conner's ear.

"See you later" he smirks at me and I can’t help but blush.

Mom looks confused at us then the folder. Josh walks out the door, carrying a suitcase. I glance out the window and see his car loaded.

"Mom?" I ask and turn to see her distraught, holding the folder.

"Mom what is it?"

"Anna, you okay?" my dad asks, walking towards her to give her a hug..

"H-he's leaving me" she sobs "I don't know what happened?" she cries onto my dad's shoulder and Tyler, rubs her back, saying " it’s going to be okay"

"That can’t be true" I say in shock and grab the folder. Conner looks at the folder from behind me. And my fears are conformed. He's leaving her. For me?

"Jessica?' Conner says

"I didn't know, it would come to this' I say sadly, looking up at Conner, he frowns and holds me.

"me either"


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