part 26 :

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Part 26

When I wake up, I find out that 'm not the only one in my room. From the contour of my bedroom door I see a faint shadow. It seems to be watching me. I act as if I'm still asleep. The figure is tall so I don't think it’s my mom and I know for a fact that dad's not here. I moved round in the covers and try to find something, making it seem as I'm just shuffling.

"rise and shine darling, I know your awake" there are faint footsteps as he makes his way over to my window and open the curtains, letting the bright sun shine through.

"What do you want?" I ask, annoyed as I see Josh, sit on the corner of my bed, watching me.

"Cant I just stop by and say hi" he smiles

"No" I say and get up walking to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. He follows.

"Why not, I thought we were friends" he frowns playfully.

"Josh" I groan

"Yeah" he smirks, sitting on the toilet, watching me.

"Get out" I point to the door, brush in hand.

"Why?" he asks dumbly

"I don't like people watching me as I get ready"

"Why not, you’re just fascinating?” he chuckles near my neck, standing behind me, carefully winding his arms around me.

I look at him through the mirror annoyed. He just grins. I lean over and rinse my mouth out, pushing his arms away.

"Get out" I turn around and face him.

"Only if I get a kiss" he smirks

"Not even in your dreams"

"Aw Jessica, that hurts. But you know it’s not true" he grins

"Yeah it is, out" I point to the door and he finally leaves me in peace.

I relax against the closed door and finish my morning routine, coming out the bathroom, refreshed and clean. I peek out through the bathroom door, making sure he's gone, before creeping to the dresser for my clothes. When I'm sure the coast is clear, I run to my door and lock it.

"I was going to do the same thing' I hear Josh's seductive voice as he appears behind me

"Josh I need to change, can you please get out?"

"Why? It’s not fair"

"What are you talking about?" I ask annoyed facing him.

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