part 19

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Part 19

The next morning, you could feel the tension in the air. Upstairs lies my mother in her bed a mess, crying over Josh. If she knew the truth she wouldn't be crying but angry. I walk by her door and see my father trying to sooth her, rubbing her back.

I'm sorry mom

I quickly walk past her door, and out the house. Wanting to escape my mother; I rush out the door and take a deep breath as I see Conner's car pull up to my drive way. He saunters out the car and walks over to me, taking me his arms which I have been longing so much to be in the past few hours we have been apart.

"You okay?" he asks, worried but for the wrong reasons

"Yeah, I'm fine. I guess that I can’t believe that he really did that." I say and he walks me to the car, rubbing my arm, still holding me close.

"Yeah" he says kind of sad.

“just because he left my mom doesn't mean that I'm going to be with him" I say and turn to face Conner as he opens the door and looks at me with hurt eyes. I take his face into my palms and looking deeply and passionately at him. “I love you Conner, and no matter what happens I want you to know that"

“I know that now" he smiles warmly at me.

"You should never doubt it" I smile up at him, pecking his lips all so softly with such love.

"Okay, let's get you to school"

"Oh what fun" I smile jokingly.

He chuckles and enters his side as I do.

The ride to school is silent except for the radio. Even though Josh is away from my mother, I wouldn't go running into his arms. In the short time that I have spent with Conner, I have fallen in love. He was there when Josh wasn't, and that's because Josh was with my mom. And after hurting my mom, which I know was bound to happen. I just can’t betray my mom like that. I love her and fooling around with Josh was a mistake, a big one.

“We’re here" Conner announces.

“Oh okay" smile at him and walk out the car.

"Jessica..?" I hear his voice as he catches up to me.

"Yeah?" I say, still in deep though.

"I love you and I trust you" he says sincerely staring deeply into my soul.


“I know that this is hard for you but I just want to tell you I will always be waiting in the side lines" he smiles.

I walk closer to him and peck his cheek “thanks, but I'm not leaving you" I smile.

"Okay" he grins and I ruffle his hair and wrap my arms around him, kissing him.

His strong arms entwine around me and he pulls our body closer than possible. We both pull away breathing heavily.

"Have a good day at school" he smiles.

"Thanks" I peck his cheek and walk towards the building. I stand outside and wait until I see his car pass by, waving.

Conner I love you, like a fool. I smile like an idiot walking towards the door but stop when I hear a familiar voice.

"Jessica?" I hear his husky voice

I turn and see Josh standing before me, grinning like a kid at a candy store. "You look beautiful" he mummers, coming closer to me.

I take a step back and in hale a breath. “what are you doing here Josh?" I say in a whisper looking around before looking back at him.

A flash of hurt crosses his eyes, as he takes another step and holds out his hand “please Jessica" he says with yearning in his voice.

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