part 29 :

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Part 29: My Heart

I stand outside watching the stars shinning so bright in the sky. The wind blowing and chilling me. I can’t believe that he just left like that. He didn't even give me a chance to explain everything to him. He makes it hard to believe that he once loved me. If he loves me like he says he does, then why not give me a chance.

“Jessica?" I take a deep breath and feel two arms wrap around me securely. I relax in his arms, feeling weak.

“I really love him" I whisper into the night.

“I know" Josh's mummers

“I’m not going to give up" I say confident, smiling slightly, closing my eyes tight. Envisioning Conner like before.

"Didn’t think you were" Josh says a little disappointed.

I turn in his arms and face him, staring at me adorningly. I smile warmly at him and engulf him into a hug "just because I don't love you doesn't mean I don't care. Can’t we just be friends?" I ask hopeful, stealing a glance.

He intakes a deep breath “I would love to, but I need time Jessica. You don't know how much it hurts to see the girl you love in someone else's arms. You don't know how much pain you put me in with a kiss. "

“I’m so sorry Josh" I whisper, detaching myself from him. He's swift and twines his arms back around me.

"But being apart from you hurts more than anything" he whispers into my ear, holding me tight.


“I know, you love him but can I have one last kiss? And then I will leave..." he asks, his eyes shining, he's being radiating.

“I don't want you to leave, I need you? Why do think I'm so screwed up" I laugh

His eyes shine down upon me “I would love nothing more than to just stay besides you even if it’s just as friends but I need time. Time to heal" he smiles faintly.

“I never meant for any of this to happen" I say, caressing his cheek, his eyes closing, relaxing with my touch.

“me either" he laughs

He squeezes me once more, I laugh and peck him on the lips “I’m going to miss you" I whisper

‘Nothing compared to how much I am" he finishes.

I pull away from him, a tear straying to fall “promise me, you'll come back"

“I promise" he smiles warmly and turns, walking out of my life.


Conner's P.O.V

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