part 10:

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Part 10 : Heartbreak is Hard

"Is everything okay?" he asks walking closer to me. I stop him by arms length and he looks me straight in the eyes.

"Josh, not now okay. I'm still worried about the whole Tyler thing and then my mom. Is this really right? Should I even be doing this? This isn't me" I say and I feel my eyes well up.

He moves my arm out the way and holds me close to him as I cry "life is a big mystery; you never know what is going to happen. But you had to know that something would have happened sooner or later. I'm sorry though Jessica for putting you in this situation. It’s my entire fault. I should have just left your mother"

"It is your fault, why do I have to lose everything, when you don't" I say anger rising.

"You’re not going to losing anything, but gaining so much more. Jessica I came at this all wrong but in the end there is you and me" he smiles.

"What if I don't want there to be a me and you" I say looking down.

"You don't me that" he says sadly.

"And what if I do" I look up into his hurtful eyes.

"There’s nothing I could do but let you know that I love you, I guess" and I melt at his sincerity.

"I'm sorry Josh"

“It’s okay" he hugs me tightly and I relax against him.

"I can’t hurt Tyler. He means a lot to me and when he sees us he's going to know, and if he knows then my mom will know" I start to freak out.

"As much as it pains me to say this, let alone see it when it happens-" I cut him off.

"What are you on about?" I ask confused.

'Maybe you should use Conner as a cover" he says tensely.

"Then Conner will know"

"He’s my best friend and he wouldn't say anything. And I know he will do it because I think he likes you"

"So you think it's a good idea for me to be with him" I question him with a smirk. Because although this whole situation is wrong, I kinda like Conner.

"No, but Tyler would back off and not suspect a thing"

"True" I smile "okay, but I'm going wait a while so Tyler doesn't think wrong of me or anything"

"Sounds good"

"Okay" I smile up at him and he leans down and kisses me fiercely. He starts to move and we tumble onto the couch bursting in laughter.

Josh has just been a box full of surprises ever since he arrived. My life was perfectly normal, and then he came and turned it upside down. I think because of Josh, Tyler found the need to ask me to be his girlfriend and now I'm sneaking around with Josh and maybe Conner. I feel dirty doing what I am doing but Josh makes me happy in a weird way and Conner, there is just no words to describe it.


-The next day

I wake up in Josh's arms dreading what’s going to happen today. I don't know when Tyler's comes over I'm going to be a nervous wreck. I stir in Josh's arms trying to get out his grip but he just groans and laughs at me. Smiling, he slowly opens his eyes.

"Morning beautiful" he says in huskily voice.

"Shut up" I smile and push his arm off of me and try to get up just to be pulled back to the bed by him. "Josh"

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