part 12 : mom

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Part 12: Mom

"Mom" I mouth, looking stunned as I see her, before running to her and giving her a hug. She laughs faintly hugging me back.

"I'm glad you missed me"

"I thought you wouldn't be back for a while?" I ask

"Yeah me too, but I got sent home early"

"Well I'm glad" I say and she looks around and sees Conner.

"Well who's this?" she asks smiling walking over to Conner.

"I’m Conner, and I didn't know my buddy Josh here had such a beautiful wife" he says smoothly causing my mom to blush.

She walks over to Josh who hugs her and she looks at him confused as Josh stares down Conner , " you guys friends?"

"yeah, we go way back" Conner replies.

"Yeah, we met in college" Josh smiles down at my mom.

"That’s nice" mom smiles and sits down.

"So honey, where's Tyler I missed that kid" she smiles and I frown and Conner walks over to me wrapping an arm around me, as mom raises an eyebrow and Josh practically shooting daggers at him.

“we broke up" I whisper.

"Oh, sweetie I'm so sorry" my mom tries to comfort me.

"It’s okay' I faintly smile and she looks at Conner again.

Conner smiles," so I tell her the news"

"Oh no you didn't get her pregnant," my mom asks horrified.

Conner laughs and I say no

"Oh good, then what is it?"

"Conner and I are together now" I smile.

"Sweetie, isn't he too old for you?" she asks not even looking at Conner.

"Mom, he's as old as Josh and I'm going to be 18"

"Exactly, he as old as Josh" my mom repeats. 

"Mom" Josh just smiles.

"Miss, I will respect your daughter and I would never pressure her into anything" Conner says smoothly and my mother stares him down.

"Okay, but only because your Josh's friend and Josh is a great guy. And you seem like one too. I wouldn't doubt it. You may even be a good influence on her" she smiles and Conner laughs lightly

"Of course" he answers.

"Okay, well Conner it was good to meet you, but I'm pretty tired. So I'll see you two later" she smiles before walking upstairs.

"Josh aren't you coming?" she asks from the top.

"Yeah Josh aren't you going?" Conner smiles and I laugh, well Josh shoots dagger at Conner.

"Coming!" he calls.

"Really Josh, what's wrong with what you have. Your wife is beautiful" Conner says and I look up at him ' but not as beautiful as you" he tells me smiling and I smiles back.

"Don’t touch her" Josh says.

"But she's mine" Conner replies.

"She’s mine, and your just borrowing her until she can be with me" at that I frown. And he smiles sadly at me, before pulling me out of Conner's arms and kissing me fiercely before walking upstairs. I stay still stunned after all that happened.

"I'm still here" Conner says annoyed.

I turn and face Conner and help but smile at him. He as to be one of the sexiest guys alive. I bite my lip "I didn't forget" I smile and he chuckles wrapping his arms around me, kissing me lightly along my neck until he reaches my lips. I feel like such a slut.

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