Chapter 7 ~Movie Night

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Here's another chapter, hope you enjoy! I'm gonna try to upload everyday because Jared and Paul will be phasing very soon in Pain Fest. So I just wanna get out all the before phasing you know?
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Chrissy's POV:

"Take off your shirt" I demanded after we got inside my house

"What? No!" He protested

"Embry I'm not gonna rape you, you need to take it off so I can wash it"

"No I don't want to take it off" he mumbled blushing when I said rape

"Come on"






"No, damn it" I said glaring at him while he smirked

"I agree I should not take it off" he said

"Just take it off"

"No I dont want to" he stated crossing his arms

"Take It Off!" I demanded again

"No!" He stated like it was a fact


"NO!" he yelled back

"Don't make me take it off myself!" I warned

"You wouldn't" he said

"Oh I would" I said before rushing up to him and pulling his shirt over his head while he fought. Somehow after I got it off he was straddling me. While I fought with his arms. I looked into his eyes and stopped, so did he. After he realized how we were he blushed and stood up.

As he was standing up I got a good look at his now bare chest. He's got a sick pack! How old is he, like 16? Damn he's got some nice nipples too. And his arms! Maybe we'll do a bit more than watch a movie? He's blushing now, how cute. Oh shit he's blushing because I'm staring, look away Chrissy. Look away no matter what your hormones say. I got up and smiled at him pushing him in my bathroom.

I laid on the bed waiting for him to finish up in the shower. We could hook up, but then Sam would go and ruin it by trying to get into my head, then he'll yell at me about some damn safety precaution, I get it I'm a wolf that can hurt him, all of them, but I can't help my hormones. Its not like I'm gonna kill them or almost kill them, we can control ourselves.

"Hey Chrissy, can you give me my shirt?" Embry asked. I looked up at him, he was shirtless, oh my, with water dripping down his abs and arms, his shoulder length hair was soaking wet and sticking to his really defined jawline. All I have to say is his nipples looked good.

"I could but I still have to wash it, so in the meantime you have to stay shirtless." I said sitting up.

"You haven't washed it yet?" He asked I shook my head.

"Nope, because if I did the shower water would be ice cold." He looked at me narrowing his eyes.

"Alright then" he said sitting on the bed next to me "I'll just wait then" I smiled

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