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6 weeks later.

6 weeks later

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"Pleaseeee." Nyiah whined, on the phone with Demani as she laid in her bed.

"Girl where is yo nigga at?" He chuckled, glancing down at the camera.

"I don't wanna bother him while he's working." She frowned.

"That lil girl spoiled as hell." Zachariah said in the background, and she smacked her lips once Demani nodded in agreement.

"What you want baby?" Demani asked, holding his phone as he drove, and she smiled.

"Taco Bell. Can you get me the $5 box, and get one for Kairi too. With Dr Pepper's to drink, no ice. And get 24 of those cream filled donut holes please." She smiled, and he laughed.

"24? You don't need all of that. Know Lil B used to do cartwheels in yo stomach." He shook his head, and Zachariah laughed, making her frown.

"Oh that's funny Riah?" She rose an eyebrow, and he stopped laughing, covering it with a cough.

"I ain't laughing at you mama." He chuckled, and she rolled her eyes as Demani laughed.

Demani glanced over at Zachariah who scrolled on his phone, and he bit his lip before looking back in the camera.

"I'ma be there in a lil bit." Demani rasped, and Nyiah chuckled at the look on his face before nodding.

"Bye lil nasty." She laughed, hanging up as Demani parked his car.

"Why you ain't going through the drive thru?" Zachariah asked, and Demani scooted his seat back, unbuttoning his jeans.

"Cause you finna sit on my dick." Demani pulled his jeans down, before Zachariah smirked, pulling his sweats off.

He climbed over the seat to straddle Demani's lap, who's dick stood at attention. He scrunched his face up as he slid down his shaft, and Demani groaned.

"Mhm, take this shit. Go all the way." Demani grunted, holding his waist, sliding him down further, and Zero grunted, halting his movements.

"Fuc—I can't go no fu—fuck." He groaned, his face scrunching up.

"You better sit on my fucking dick and take all of me." Demani gritted in his ear, and he hissed in pleasure, sliding down further.

"Mhm. There you go baby." Demani slammed upwards, and Zachariah let out a loud grunt, attempting to raise up, and Demani held him down.

"Awn fuckkkk!" Zachariah hissed as Demani thrusted upwards, feeling his nut building up.

For a quick second, Nyiah flashed in Demani's mind, and he moaned, before frowning his face up.

"Fuck. Mm, fuck." Demani groaned, his dick beginning to throb as he remembered the time he fucked her.

"Shit baby slow do—fuckkk." Zachariah grunted, feeling his stomach knot up as Demani slammed upwards to relieve the pressure in his dick.

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