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4 days later. | November 19th, 2022.

"Baby where his pacifier at?" Dave asked, walking in the room with Kobi on his chest.

"He doesn't need it. He's not even crying." Nyiah chuckled, laying in the bed with Kairi as they watched Moana.

"Nah but he sucking my shoulder. Leaving me hickeys and shit." Dave frowned, and she laughed as he laid next to her.

"Hey mommy stink. You smell good lil B." Nyiah said as she kissed Kobi's cheek.

"Get out his face Ny." Dave waved her off, and she dramatically gasped.

"I know you not." Kairi frowned at him, and Nyiah laughed as he waved them off.

Nyiah grabbed her phone, taking a picture of Kobi and Dave, and he looked over at her.

"You're such a fan." He said, and she laughed, making him smile.

He puckered his lips, and she leaned up, kissing him as she held his face.

"Your beard patchy again cause your dumbass wanted to cut it." She frowned, rubbing his beard, and he smiled.

"You wanna fix it for me with that hair growth oil you got?" He cupped her pussy in his hand, and she laughed.

"Nope." She smirked, and he groaned in frustration, making her laugh again.

"Your time for no sex been up. Ion know why you depriving me of pussy. You want me to kill myself?" He asked, and she mushed his head, making him laugh.

She leaned her head on his shoulder as Kairi laid in her lap, and she smiled.

"Our lil family cute as hell." She mumbled, and Dave chuckled, kissing her forehead as she posted on her Instagram.


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Liked by only1zero and 677,209 others
nythedoll : Kobi Kairo 10/10/2022 🧸🤎
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therealtalon : Prada you girl. I love you for life 🖤
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"I love this shit." Dave ran his fingers through her blue hair, and she smiled.

"Crip princess." She looked over at him, and he smirked, kissing her lips.

"I know that's right." He mumbled, and she laughed as he laid back against the pillows, softly patting Kobi's back.

Nyiah rubbed Kairi's scalp, feeling her slowly breathing, signaling she was asleep.

She shook her head hearing Dave's low snores, not even surprised at how quick he'd fell asleep.

She slowly got out of the bed, careful not to wake any of them, walking to the bathroom. She pulled her shorts down to pee, then wiped herself, flushing the toilet.

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