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3 weeks later.

"Oh I can't kiss you now?" Demani smirked, leaning on his elbow as he faced him

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"Oh I can't kiss you now?" Demani smirked, leaning on his elbow as he faced him.

"Fuck out my face." Zachariah waved him off, and he laughed, nodding.

"Ight bet. Remember that nigga." Demani laid back in his bed, scrolling on his phone.

"Nah I'm just fucking wit' you. Come here." Zero grabbed his face, and Demani laughed, turning his head to dodge his kiss.

"Hell nah. Gone on cause you flockin'." Demani chuckled, licking over his lips. Zero held his face, pressing his lips against his.

Demani gripped his neck, groaning into the kiss as Zachariah's tongue flicked in his mouth.

Demani flipped them over, resting between his legs, reaching between them to grip Zachariah's dick.

"Come on." Zach grunted, and Demani smirked, pulling his shorts off. Demani rested his hand on the side of Zero's head, pushing inside of him, making his face scrunch up.

"Mmm." Demani groaned, beginning to rock his hips into his as Zachariah moaned.

Demani held his neck, biting his lip as he watched his dick disappear with each hard stroke he gave Zach.

He sped up, the sounds of their grunts and moans overlapping the sound of their skin slapping together.

"Fuckkkkk!" Zachariah groaned, stroking his own dick, his body jerking as Demani fucked him harder.

"Mhm. This shit feel good hm?" Demani grunted in his ear, making his eyes roll back.

"Awn fuck." Zero hissed, grabbing his waist to slow him down.

"Take this dick. You hear me? Don't fucking touch me." Demani held his hands above his head, grinding his hips into his, jabbing at his G spot.

"Shit, shit, shit." Zero grunted, his stomach knotting up, feeling Demani throb inside him.

"I love you." Demani sucked his neck, making him moan as he began nutting. Demani smirked, slamming his hips harder, making his headboard slam against the wall.

"Fuck!" Zachariah let out a loud moan, and Demani hissed, his strokes becoming sloppy.

"I love you too. Come on, give that shit to me Mani." He rubbed Demani's sides, making him groan.

Demani halted his movements as his nut released, his dick throbbing as Zachariah kissed his jaw.

"You such a fucking slut." Demani grunted in his ear, making him hiss in pleasure.

"Shut yo faggot ass up." He lowly groaned, and Demani smiled, leaning down to kiss his lips.

Zach brought Demani's tongue in his mouth, smiling into the kiss as Demani wrapped his arms around him.

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