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A week later.

"Baby do I look big in this?" Nyiah mumbled, turning to face Dave, who was sitting on her bed

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"Baby do I look big in this?" Nyiah mumbled, turning to face Dave, who was sitting on her bed.

"No." He told her, scanning over her outfit. This was the fourth outfit she'd changed into, and they were just going to run errands.

"Yes I do. Why are you lying?" She frowned, about to pull her cropped top off, before he stopped her, standing over her.

"Nyiah what are you talking about? Your stomach flat as hell." He unzipped her top, revealing her cleavage.

"No it's not that I jus—oh my god never mind. I don't wanna go anymore." She swallowed the lump in her throat as she tried not to cry.

"Zikani you look beautiful baby. All the outfits looked good on you. You changed four times, your body is still the same in all of them. You are so pretty, you hear me? Your body perfect baby." He told her, and she hid her face in his chest as she hugged tight around his torso.

"Thank you Omari." She mumbled, and he tilted her head to look up at him.

"You beautiful. Don't forget that. Now stop crying." He wiped her face, and she smiled as he kissed her lips.

"I love you so much. You're so sweet to me. I hope this never ends." She mumbled softly, and his heart melted.

"I got you for life. I love you more baby." He held her face as he kissed her again, and she smiled, tilting her head as the kiss deepened.

He pushed her to lay back on her bed, climbing on top of her as she moaned into the kiss.

"No, we have to g—fuck. We gotta go baby." She moaned as he kissed down her body.

"You got my dick hard as fuck Zikani. I need to get in here." He pressed against her, and she bit her lip, feeling his hard dick resting on her lower half.

"When we come back." She smiled, before laughing as he pulled her shirt up.

He sucked her nipple, taking her piercing in his mouth, and she chuckled, feeling his dick harden more.

"These shits so pretty." He pulled back, her piercing between his teeth, before letting it go.

"You should get your pussy pierced." He told her, and she laughed, pulling her shirt back down.

"Boy you sound crazy as hell. I bet the fuck not." She frowned, and he chuckled, running his hand over her slit through her tights.

"This pussy so good." He mumbled, pressing against her clit, and she moaned, swatting his hand away as he smiled.

"So I can't have no pussy? You hate me?" He tilted his head to the side and she laughed.

"When we come backkkk." She smiled as he kissed all over her face.

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