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A week later. | December 12th, 2021

 | December 12th, 2021

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"Hi baby. Are you hungry?" Nyiah peeked her head in Kairi's room, seeing her laying in her bed.

Kairi shook her head no, and Nyiah sighed, walking over to her. Kairi had a blank look on her face as she stared at the wall, silent tears falling out of her eyes.

Nyiah felt so bad that there was nothing she could do for Kairi. She'd never been the comforter in a situation like this.

She laid in the bed with Kairi, and Kairi turned to face her, rubbing her face, making Nyiah smile.

"I'm so sad Nyny." Kairi mumbled, and Nyiah kissed her forehead.

"I know baby. And that's okay. It's okay to be sad." Nyiah pulled the cover over them, and Kairi wrapped her arms around her, holding her tight.

"When I was 12, it happened to me too Kairi. I wasn't raped, but I was molested for four months. And I know it's so hard for you baby, you are so young. But I'm here for you. And daddy is here for you too. You don't have to go through this alone okay?" Nyiah rubbed her back, and Kairi sniffed.

"Can you tell me the story?" Kairi mumbled, and Nyiah looked at the wall, before looking down at Kairi.

"My mom wasn't around a lot when I was a kid. And when she was, she wasn't really herself and she always had men with her. And one time she came home, and she was drunk. Like passed out. And my sister wasn't at home with me, she was with her boyfriend." Nyiah felt herself becoming choked up, and she swallowed the lump in her throat.

"And my mommy brought a man home with her, and I was asleep, otherwise I would've locked my door. He came in my room, and he didn't say anything to me, he just put his fingers in my no no box. And he'd make me put my mouth on his. And it happened almost everyday for four months." Nyiah told her, making sure to censor her words.

"Did you tell your mommy?" Kairi asked.

"Yes. She didn't believe me. And I never told my granny. My sister didn't believe me either." Nyiah mumbled softly, and Kairi wiped Nyiah's face.

"I believe you." Kairi mumbled, close to dozing off, and Nyiah smiled.

"Thank you baby. I never want you to feel violated like that ever again. I promise me and daddy won't let anything happen to you." Nyiah told her, and Kairi kissed her nose.

"I love you. You make me a grilled cheese when I wake up?" Kairi mumbled, and Nyiah chuckled.

"Of course. I love you too sweet face." Nyiah softly patted her back, and Kairi almost immediately fell asleep.

Nyiah got out of her bed, pulling the cover over her, then turning her light off and walking out. She slightly jumped seeing Dave standing on the other side of the door.

"Shit Omari. You scared me." She clutched her chest, walking to his room.

"Why have you never told me that?" He asked, following her to the room.

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