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A week later.

"This is all your fault oh my god." Nyiah frowned, standing in the mirror of her bathroom.

"How?" Dave chuckled, standing behind her and rubbing his hands down her body.

"I didn't start gaining weight til we started fucking. Now look at me. I'm so big." She frowned, before laughing as he gripped her pussy in his hand.

"You look good as fuck. I ain't gone lie you are gaining weight but it look good on you. Like real good." He bit his lip, kissing her neck, and she smiled.

"Thank you baby. Get on boy." She laughed, grabbing his hand from off her slit.

"I wanna get you pregnant." He slapped her ass, and she frowned.

"Hell no. And just because you sounded super serious, we finna start using condoms." She mumbled, and he laughed.

"Why youn wanna have my baby?" He pressed against her, rubbing his hands down her body.

"David gone somewhere before I think you're serious." She laughed, pushing his hands away.

"Aight. When I trap you, don't say I didn't ask first." He shrugged, and her jaw dropped, making him laugh.

She grabbed her phone, taking a selfie in the mirror.

"I be taking pictures and not posting. I look good though." She ran her hands down her shape, and Dave smiled.

"You sure do. Send me that. Ima post you." He said, and she looked over at him.

"Don't start with me. I can post you. Send it." He waved her off, and she laughed, sending him the picture.

"I thought your fans were on me before but they really finna get me now." She chuckled, putting her slides on.

"Well that's too damn bad." He mocked the tiktok, and she laughed, straddling his lap.

"When you getting Kairi back? I miss her." She mumbled, and he smiled.

"We can get her tomorrow." He gripped her ass, kissing her lips.

"I'm so in love with you and ion know why. But I love you long time for loving me." He kissed her forehead, and a smile spread across her face.

"I love you long time more baby." She rubbed her nose against his, making him smile.

"Come on baby." He stood up with her, and she grabbed her purse, letting him grab her hand.

He pulled her out of the house, using his key to lock her door before helping her in his truck. He kissed her forehead before getting in on his side.

"Omari you want more kids foreal?" Nyiah asked as he drove out of her neighborhood.

Yes. And I want them with you." He said, and she chuckled.

"I don't want any kids." She mumbled, and he glanced over at her.

"Never?" He asked, glancing between her and the road.

"Never." She said, and he slowly nodded.

"Can I ask why?" He watched as she shrugged.

"I didn't really have nobody to raise me. I don't know how I would raise my own kid. My grandma didn't start taking care of me til I was 14, and even then, I was the one taking care of her. You know my mom was never around, my daddy didn't want me, and my sister, well—she tried. That's why I give her money whenever she wants or need it because I owe it to her. She really did try, whether she did good or not, she tried." Nyiah rambled to him.

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