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Two months later. | February 2022 | 8pm

 | February 2022 | 8pm

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"Move. It's not funny Demani." Nyiah turned the other way in her bed, watching Lilo and Stitch on her TV.

"Girl wake up. Damn, you stay tryna sleep." He laid on top of her, and she groaned in frustration.

"Get yo big fat ass off me." She huffed, and he laughed, rolling off of her.

Demani looked at his phone that rung, groaning in annoyance.

"You need to stop playing with Tay foreal." Nyiah laughed, and he rolled his eyes.

"This nigga is so dramatic. Like even if I am out cheating right now, he act like calling me 200 times gone make me stop. Like what the fuck?" Demani grabbed his phone as Nyiah laughed.

"Y'all so toxic. Y'all never over." Nyiah said, and he smacked his lips.

"That's my baby ian even gone lie." Demani shrugged, and she cooed, making him roll his eyes as she laughed.

"You need to start treating him like it foreal Mani. Folks get tired of begging others to act right. It's so much out here, and if Talon really did find somebody else you'd go crazy. I don't know why you be playing with him." Nyiah told him, and he looked over at her.

"Nyiah shut up." He said, and she laughed, mushing his head.

"I'm foreal. One day he gone pop up with another nigga on yo ass." Nyiah shrugged.

"I ain't tripping. I can fight and shoot." Demani shrugged as well, making her laugh.

"Post him. I dare you." Nyiah said, and he scoffed, pretending to play sleep.

"Boy you fucked up." Nyiah laughed, getting out of the bed.

"Ight what should I post? This?" He showed her his phone, and she nodded.

"You know when people date for so long they start looking alike? That's y'all. Y'all are literally twins he just got dreads." Nyiah told him, and he frowned at her.

"No we don't." He waved her off as she commented on his post.

"See this why I ain't listening to you no more. He tryna embarrass me and shit." Demani frowned as Nyiah sat her phone up, laughing.

"You can't dance so don't even try." He said, and she smacked her lips.

"Demani suck my ass." She hit record, and he laughed, watching her do the dance.

"JT I ain't playing, lil bitch ion want yo man. And these rich niggas throwing paper, now it's time for the twerkulator." Nyiah turned around, bending over and throwing her ass to the beat of the song.

"That shit move like water." Demani shook his head, and she laughed.

"It's only cause I got on shorts with no panties." She said, shortening her video before posting on her spam.

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