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Two weeks later.

"Yep and I love you so much

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"Yep and I love you so much." Kairi mumbled, drawing in her notebook.

"I love you too sweet face." Nyiah chuckled, eating ice with a spoon as she watched The Lorax on the TV.

"I have some please?" Kairi asked, and Nyiah held her cup out to her. Kairi grabbed the spoon, picking some up and eating it.

"Why you like that?" She frowned, and Nyiah laughed.

"My iron low so I crave it." Nyiah told her, and Kairi nodded.

"Ion even know that is." She mumbled, making Nyiah laugh again.

"Me either chile." Nyiah shrugged, eating her ice.

"What you drawing boo?" Nyiah asked, seeing her coloring in the notebook.

"Me, you, and daddy. And Nala." Kairi carelessly said, grabbing a white crayon to color the already white paper.

"Why ion got no hair? You calling me bald headed?" She tilted her head to the side, and Kairi giggled.

"I'm not doneeee." Kairi pushed her away, and Nyiah smiled, looking back at the TV.

"When can we wake daddy up?" Kairi asked, leaning on his back, Dave sleeping on his stomach on the other side of Kairi.

"He'll be up soon. You know he sleep late chile." Nyiah chuckled.

It was currently 11:36 in the morning, and the two of them had been up for about two hours. Nyiah had made them breakfast, and they ate then got back in the bed.

"Nyny?" Kairi questioned, and Nyiah smiled since it was like her 300th question of the morning.

"Yes baby?" She ate her ice, keeping her eyes to the TV.

"What happened to mommy?" Kairi asked, and Nyiah looked over at her.

"She joined the military." Nyiah said, and Kairi nodded, going back to her coloring book.

"Nyny?" Kairi called two minutes later, and Nyiah chuckled.

"Yes Kairi?" Nyiah laid back on the pillows, becoming drowsy.

"Do some kids not have mommies? And only daddies?" She asked.

"Yes. And some have only mommies and not daddies. It's normal." Nyiah yawned, closing her eyes.

"Do you have a mommy and daddy?" Kairi asked her, and she slowly began to doze off.

"No. I only have my granny." Nyiah told her, and Kairi nodded.

"Best friend?" Kairi called a few minutes later, and Nyiah slightly jumped out of her sleep.

"Hm?" Nyiah hummed, keeping her eyes closed.

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