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Four months later.

"Get yo fat ass out my face Nyny damn

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"Get yo fat ass out my face Nyny damn." Tianna laughed, and Nyiah groaned in frustration.

"Tee stop playing and gimme some." She frowned, and Tianna smacked her lips, giving her the pack of Airhead Xtremes.

"Thank you. Hoe." Nyiah mumbled, eating one of the rainbow berry flavored belts of candy.

"Shut yo roaching ass up and watch the movie." Tianna waved her off, and she laughed, eating another piece of candy.

"Shhhh." Kairi hushed them, and Nyiah smacked her lips as Tianna laughed.

"KK you ain't even posed to be watching this. Lil scary self." Tianna chuckled, and Nyiah flicked her forehead, making her laugh.

"TT hush." Kairi frowned at her, and Tianna raised her hands in surrender.

"Yeah period don't fuck with ha'." Nyiah ate piece of candy, and Kairi snapped her head to frown at her, and Nyiah rolled her eyes.

Nyiah rubbed her stomach, watching A Quiet Place that was playing on Tianna's large TV.

Nyiah was so proud of her sister, she'd completely turned her life around.

Tianna had a job at their family's construction firm as an accountant just to make extra money on the side. Sergio always made sure she was good, but she had become bored of sitting at home doing nothing while he worked.

She often volunteered at the senior facility Alana had previously stayed in before she moved in with her best friend, Faye.

She attended church, sometimes, whenever she felt like it. She was eating right, she hadn't took a single drugs, not even marijuana in over four months.

Her and Nyiah had grown extremely close, spending almost every other day with each other. She'd become an auntie to Kairi, who loved her as if she'd known her, her entire life.

Nyiah was proud of Tianna, but Tianna was more proud of herself than anything. She never would've thought she'd be able to transform her life and become happy the way that she did.

As for Nyiah, she was the happiest she'd ever been as well. She felt so good having her sister around, her grandma was healthy, and becoming healthier everyday.

Her relationship with Dave blossomed every day, learning new things about each other and growing as one.

Her pregnancy had been going well, she was currently 9 months and 4 days past her due date. She'd often crave things like koolaid packets with ice, raw cookie dough, and she ate Whataburger a lot more than normal.

Her baby boy, Kobi, was growing bigger inside of her everyday and she couldn't wait for him to get out of her.

Demani and her were still the best of friends, and she'd even become close with Zachariah, more than before.

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