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2 days later.

"Move Omari I'm not playing with you

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"Move Omari I'm not playing with you." Nyiah mushed his head, turning her body around.

"Man why is you tryna go to sleep? Come on let's go to six flags." He climbed between her legs, laying on top of her.

"You too fucking big to be on me like this. Get yo fat ass up." She fake panted, making him laugh.

"We just woke up. Why you tryna sleep?" He held his face in front of hers, and she smiled.

"Pretty white teeth, body unique, booty on fleek." He kissed her teeth, and she laughed, pushing him away.

He chuckled, laying next to her on his back, throwing his arm over his eyes.

"Do you hate me?" She frowned, and he laughed.

"No." He mumbled, his eyes closed.

"So why you not touching me? You obviously want me to kill myself." She pulled his arm off his eyes, and he faked sleep, making her laugh, and he smiled.

He scooted down in the bed, laying his head between her legs, locking his arms around her waist.

"You smell good baby." He rasped, and she laughed, rubbing his scalp.

Her phone rung, and she reached to grab it off the dresser, her face lighting up at the contact.

"Heyyy baby." She smiled, hearing her granny smacking her gums.

"Hey Nyny girl. What you doing?" Alana asked.

"Nothing, laying down. You okay? Is something wrong?" Nyiah heard machines going off in the background, and Dave turned his head to look at her.

"Yeah girl my baldheaded ass roommate over yonder bouta die and shit." Alana coughed, clearing her throat, and Nyiah laughed.

"You hell. I know you did not call that lady baldheaded." Nyiah smiled.

"She is. I called you because tell me why Faye funky ass gone call checkin' on me. Say she worried cause I'm missing church. That girl know damn well she skippy cause I go up there and knock her ass out with my outfits. She go up there looking fry as hell." Alana clicked her teeth, and Dave's jaw dropped, making Nyiah bust out laughing.

"Granny you know her son?" Nyiah asked, and Dave chuckled, laying his head back down.

"Duh I know his lil fast ass, and his thot ass baby mama. Girl I always tell you bout that boy." Alana said, and Nyiah laughed.

"Not that one. The other one. He's never been to the church." Nyiah replied, and Alana hummed in thought.

"Ohhh, David. That's the one with the other babymama Faye be talm' bout. Yeah I know that lil boy." Alana mumbled, and Nyiah smiled as Dave rolled his eyes.

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