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A week later.

A week later

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"Mani move." Nyiah laughed, removing his hand from between her legs.

She looked over at him, seeing him pretending to be sleep, making her laugh. She climbed on top of him, pulling the cover over her as he gripped her ass.

"Why you keep touching me?" She smiled, leaning down to his face, kissing the side of it.

"Move Nyny. Stop playing with me." He mumbled, and she laughed, lifting up, before resting on his dick, making him hiss.

"Yeah you're not gay foreal." She laughed, rolling off of him, laughing as he climbed between her legs.

Demani and Nyiah had never had any actual sexual relations. They flirted here and there, and sometimes he got touchy with her, which she didn't mind.

Demani wasn't attracted to girls, most of the times. He only fucked a girl when he was bored, other than that, he mostly had sex with men.

She recorded the two of them as he kissed her face, kissing down to her neck, making her smile.

He turned his head, before laughing, pushing the camera away.

"Caught yo ass in 4k." She laughed, dropping her phone and wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Don't give no fuck." He shrugged, and she laughed as he laid on top of her.

"Come here." She mumbled, hooking her arms under his, pulling him up to lay in her neck.

He leaned up, kissing her face, before softly kissing her lips. She held his face, kissing him back.

He pressed against her, and she lowly moaned, making him groan as he sucked her tongue.

"Mani move." She mumbled, hiding her face in his neck.

"Why would you do that?" She frowned, and he laughed, shrugging.

"Get your dick off me. Move you fake ass gay boy." She pushed him back, and he laughed again, pulling her feet to rest on his shoulders as he sat up.

"You're a weirdo." She mumbled as she looked up at him.

"With a big dick." He smirked, and her jaw dropped, making him laugh.

"You want some?" He pressed against her, and she smacked her lips.

"Get yo ass off me for I fight you." She flipped him off of her as he laughed.

"This better be the right shit." Talon walked in the room, a cup of ice in his hand.

Nyiah sat up, taking the top off the cup before frowning.

"Talon!" She frowned, making him and Demani laugh.

"It's not funny, move don't hug me." She pouted as he wrapped his arms around her, kissing her cheek.

"Girl I went to the machine you told me. They must've switched them." He shrugged, and she smacked her lips, standing up.

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