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A month later.

"Granny please calm down." Nyiah tried not to cry, watching her grandma hold her head.

"Get them off me Nyny, I can't h—they all over me." Alana scratched at her arms, hallucinating.

The dementia had hit her like a hurricane the last two weeks, causing things Nyiah had never seen before.

Alana had been hallucinating, hadn't been able to form full coherent sentences, and she was beginning to forget who Nyiah was.

Nyiah didn't know what to do half the time, not wanting to contact her doctors because they'd make her move to a nursing home.

"Granny there's nothing there. Look at me please." Nyiah held her face, watching as she cried.

"I'm so sorry granny. I don't know what to do." Her voice cracked, and Alana screamed, making her eyes widened as she watched Alana dig her nails into her own skin.

"Shit." Nyiah grabbed her hands, using her other hand to grab her phone.

"911, what's your emergency?" The dispatcher immediately answered.

"Can you send an ambulance to my house, 5882 Highbridge, I need them to check on my grandmother please." Nyiah sniffed as Alana cried loudly.

"They're on the way. How old is she? What can you tell me about her current and past health?" The dispatcher asked.

"She's 82. She has Dementia, um heart disease, and she's had three strokes in the past, but the last one was two years ago. She's been doing fine, but today it's as bad as it's ever been." Nyiah rubbed her grandma's back as she cried.

"Okay sweetheart, they should be arriving, tell them what you told me." The dispatcher told her, and at the same time, she heard heavy knocks on the front door, before hearing a few voices.

"I'm Kane with Piedmont emergency center, mind if I come in?" She heard a deep voice call from the front.

"Yes! Come straight back, right door." Nyiah spoke a bit louder than her usual tone, and a few seconds later, three large men walked in her grandma's room.

"Hi sweetheart, I'm Kane. If you can hear me, blink twice." Nyiah watched as Kane put a stethoscope on Alana's heart, another first responder connect her finger to a machine.

Alana didn't blink twice, and Nyiah stepped back as they laid her on a stretcher, running tests.

Nyiah wiped the tears that fell out of her eyes, watching her grandma still crying loudly as they tried to get her to calm down.

"Is there any medicine she takes?" One of them asked her, and Anyiah walked to the closet, grabbing a red metal box.

"She takes these six pills everyday at 4:30. Her doctor prescribed them." Nyiah gave him the box, and he nodded, walking over to the computer they'd brought in.

"We'll be taking her to the emergency room, if that's alright with you. We need to run more extensive tests. You can ride in the truck, or follow us, whichever you'd prefer. I'd recommend coming maybe in two hours, by then we'll be finished with the tests." Kane told her, and she sniffed.

"Okay, can I—um, leave my number with you? Could you give it to whoever she sees at the hospital?" Nyiah asked, wiping her face.

"Of course." He held his hand out, giving her a pen.

She held his hand as she wrote her number down, and he had to lean over, due to his staggering height.

"Thank you." She mumbled, watching as they rolled Alana out.

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