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One month later.

Nyiah laid in her bed, a towel underneath her as she listened to music from her TV, a heating pad resting on her lower stomach.

Her phone sat on dresser, on do not disturb as she cried softly into her pillow.

She absolutely hated her periods. They were so irregular, coming around every 3 or so months. They only lasted her 3 days, and she bled lightly, but the cramps were so extreme.

She could hear Nala meowing outside of her door, and she ignored her, not feeling like getting up. She'd just got out of the shower, and had finally found a position comfortable for her.

"Nyiah you good mama?" Dave walked in her room, and she turned her head, before wiping her face.

"What you doing here?" She mumbled as he sat a bag of food on her dresser.

"Why you ignoring me? And ignoring that fat ass cat too. I just had to feed her and give her water cause you're being a bad mom." He slapped her ass, and she laughed, wiping her face.

"What you crying for baby?" He pulled his clothes off, leaving him in his basketball shorts and laying next to her.

"I'm cramping. I wasn't ignoring you on purpose, my phone on do not disturb." She mumbled, rubbing his face as he wrapped his arms around her.

"You want me to go get you some medicine or something? I brought you food." He rubbed her back, and she smiled.

"Thank you baby. And no, I done already took two midols and a Tylenol." She told him.

"Lemme see." He flipped her to lay on her back, rubbing her stomach, and she chuckled.

"Thank you." She closed her eyes, trying not to cry.

"This shit hurt so bad. When I catch Eve, I swear ima beat that hoe black and blue." She mumbled, and he laughed.

"We been together almost four months, why I'm just now knowing bout how bad they get for you?" He asked, wiping her face.

"They're irregular because of my iron deficiency." She said, and his eyebrows furrowed.

"Your ir—Zikani why you ain't told me about this baby?" He frowned as she sniffed.

"Cause it's not really nothing important. It's why I crave ice so much, that's about all it effects besides my periods. I don't know where it came from." She shrugged, wiping her face.

"Tell me what to do." He rubbed her back as she silently cried.

She laid on his chest, and he hugged her tight, rubbing her stomach as her cries softened.

He pushed her hair behind her ear, kissing the side of her face, making her smile.

"You wanna fuck?" He asked, and her eyebrows furrowed.

"Now when in the hell did I say that?" She laughed, wiping her face.

"It'll make your cramps go away. I think. That's what google say." He showed her his phone, and she laughed.

"That's disgusting." She shook her head, and he chuckled.

"You want the cramps to go away or not?" He smirked.

"You do know that I'm literally bleeding. Like bleeding blood?" She frowned at him, and he laughed.

"I never cared. You wanna do it or what?" He tilted his head to the side.

"Are you being foreal right now? Is this a serious question? David I'm bleeding. Blood stinks. You know that right?" She kept the frown on her face, and he climbed between her legs, lifting her up against his face.

"No it don't. Come on." He fixed the towel that was under her, and she watched in disbelief as he pulled her panties off, sliding her tampon out of her.

He threw it in the trash, climbing back between her legs after pulling his shorts off.

"You are so cra—fuck." She moaned as he pushed inside of her.

"Fuckkkk." He groaned, feeling her clench around him.

"Let me in baby." He bit his lip, trying to push more of him in.

"I can't." She pouted, tightening her muscles, making him moan.

He grabbed her waist, slamming his full length inside, and she let out a loud moan, her body relaxing.

He put his hands on the side of her head, stroking her as her eyes rolled back.

"Baby fuckkkk." She held around his neck, and he smirked.

"You feel me baby?" He bit his lip, jabbing at her spot making her gasp. He held her face, spitting in her mouth.

She swallowed it, grabbing him up for a rough kiss. She moaned into the kiss, her legs beginning to tremble.

"Yesss, oh my god." She reached down to rub against her clit. He looked down, seeing her blood beginning to coat his dick, and he bit his lip.

"Look at me." He grunted, and her face frowned up, focusing on him.

"You so pretty baby." He groaned in her ear, and she moaned, trying to push him back.

"Move your fucking hand and take this dick." He popped her thigh, and she hissed, locking her legs around him.

He fucked her harder, rubbing against her clit, making her cry out.

"Can I cum?" She whimpered, her legs shaking, feeling an orgasm building up.

"What's my name?" He smirked, and she smiled, before letting out a loud moan as he repeatedly pushed past her spot.

"Mm, fuckkk, daddy. Oh my godddd I need to cum." She held his shoulders as he slammed into her.

"Ask again." He grunted, his dick throbbing inside her, pulling her feet to be on his shoulders.

"Can I cum daddy?" She asked softly, moaning as he fucked her harder, the headboard slamming against the wall at each hard stroke he gave her.

"Yeah baby. Give that shit to me." He groaned, and she gasped as he put her toes in his mouth.

"You are so fucking nastyyyy." She whined, before releasing the knot in her stomach, creaming around his dick.

His eyes rolled back as he released his nut, making Nyiah's eyes widen.

"Baby noooo. Oh my god." She moaned, reaching to pull him out, and he grabbed her hands holding them above her head as he fucked her through his orgasm.

"Fuckkkkkk." He moaned as she clenched around him, his nut oozing out of him.

His head hung in her neck, his dick twitching as he finished nutting.

"Baby I love you." He kissed her ear, and she lowly moaned.

"Your stupid ass gone get me pregnant Omari. I'm hella fertile right now baby." She frowned, holding around his neck.

"This pussy too good to pull out of." He rasped, and she laughed. He looked down, biting his lip as he slid out of her

"Stop looking, damn." She tried turning his head, and he chuckled, moving his head out of her grip.

"Hmm, that shit look like a strawberry cream milkshake." He smirked, and she rolled her eyes, closing her legs.

"My cramps gone." She mumbled, and he smiled, making her laugh.

"Told you." He chuckled, picking her up with the towel, carrying her to the bathroom.

He turned on the bower water, before stepping inside with her, throwing the towel in the hamper.

"I cannot believe we just did that. You're disgusting." She scrunched her face up, and he laughed, standing under the water, rinsing his dick off.

"Not gone lie that shit finna have me all over you. That shit made my body feel weird, but in a good way. Like something was happening." He took the detachable shower head off, rinsing her lower half off.

"I hope not."


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