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A week later.

"Mani you need a damn life

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"Mani you need a damn life." Nyiah laughed, on FaceTime with Demani and Amina.

"Like no he did not just ask us to set him up with Zero. You want all of us to die?" Mimi frowned, and he smacked his lips.

"Every time y'all want me to be y'all wingman I do it doe'." He waved them off, and Nyiah laughed.

"Zachariah gone kill you. I'm telling you he don't play like that Mani he'll beat yo ass foreal." Nyiah told him.

"Ain't nobody beating my ass. I'll fuck his ass though." He shrugged, making their jaws drop, and he laughed.

"You sick. Like oh my god you tryna die." Amina shook her head.

"You been had this lil secret crush for a lil minute, nigga make your move or quit obsessing over him." Nyiah smirked, and he smacked his lips.

"I ain't obsessing over nobody. You know wha—both y'all can go to hell. I'a do dat' shit by myself." Demani hung up, making them laugh.

"Bitch what you doing?" Amina asked, and Nyiah chuckled.

"Girl laying here waiting for my man to come home." Nyiah dramatically sighed.

"He at work?" Amina asked, and she nodded, before hearing the alarm system alerting her that Dave was back.

"Nevermind bitch he just walked in the door. Bye love ya!" Nyiah waved, hanging up and laughing.

She got out of the bed, meeting Dave at the room door and jumping in his arms, making him smile.

"Wassup baby? Missed me?" He chuckled, holding her with one hand, his other dropping a duffel bag on the bed.

"Sooo much." She held his face, repeatedly kissing his lips. He kissed her back, smiling into the kiss, feeling her melt in his arms.

"I love you." He told her, and she blushed, hiding her face in his neck, making him laugh.

"I love you too. What's that? Money?" She chuckled, getting out of his arms.

"Yours." He told her, unzipping it, and she smirked.

"What's that for?" She looked inside at the many stacks of money.

"Extra money I made and don't need. So now it's yours." He shrugged, stretching.

"Thank you sexy daddy bae." She leaned up to kiss his cheek, and he chuckled, kissing hers.

"You welcome baby." He gripped her ass, before letting her go.

"You tired?" She rubbed his tense shoulders, and he nodded, his shoulders relaxing under her touch.

"Go shower so you can lay with me." She mumbled, kissing the side of his face.

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